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6th March 2024

Photography, filmmaking, production, workshops, and everything in between; in this article we share the many wonderful uses of our production studios.

Giants at Play

When urban art meets stop frame animation – Giants at Play is the result.

Danny Cappozzi and his very talented team set up camp in our production space for 7 weeks last year to film the stunning animation ‘TURALIO – 21 Grams’.  We loved seeing their stop motion skills in action!

Giants at Play create award winning beautifully crafted Stop Motion commercials, Idents Short form for TV and Online. Alongside these productions they also offer ‘Behind the scenes / Making of’ films which show the craft and care that goes into each bespoke project they lovingly make.

Gong Baths for all

Aside from the fact our studios are underground (there is no natural light if you need a dark space), they also have enhanced acoustics.

In March we are hosting a Gong Bath by the legendary Pip Roberts from Now Studios. Gong baths are highly rejuvenating for the body and bring about an overall sense of relaxation. Pip will be holding space for our members and the public to reconnect with themselves and head into the new season feeling refreshed. For info on how to sign up to a gong bath follow us on Instagram.

Creative workshops

Rozenn Logan from The NEST (an arts programme for young people in care funded by the Fostering Network) brought some colour into our production studio for a full day creative workshop.

Roz told us: ‘We used the screens in the space and we brought loads of art materials in. It was great to have such a blank canvas, we could switch up the space during different parts of the day’.

We are also very excited to be hosting a 12 week workshop for our members, focused on ‘The Artists Way’ in our production space. This long course is aimed at people looking to expand their creativity. This could be in writing, painting, dancing… pretty much any form of creative expression. 

10% off your first booking!

The two spaces are blank canvases in a unique building. Powered by creativity, they are designed to host creative production in all its forms, you do your thing and we’ll provide the space with some handy extras.

Situated on the lower ground floor of Brunswick Square – our St Pauls location, this beautiful Georgian building is an ideal location for anyone wanting a quiet space with easy access to the city centre.

Contact us for more info & get 10% off your first booking:


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