*SOLD OUT* CGI & VFX Showcase with 422 South & Moonraker VFX

Bristol Media presents 'Beyond Your Wildest Dreams' – Inside the magical world of CGI and VFX, with two of the UK’s leading Visual Effects and Graphic Design companies.

16th October 2019

*This event is now SOLD OUT and a waitlist enabled*

About the event

What can visual effects and computer-generated imagery do to engage your audiences or win over your clients?

How do agencies, production companies and directors work with VFX to visualise the invisible, and create the impossible?

VFX allow us to see worlds that ordinary cameras can never show us. Sunken ships, exploding planets, vast armies, extinct species and atomic particles. But how do you make it work for you?

Creative Directors from award-winning Moonraker VFX and 422 South, both based in Bristol, share their secrets and explain how they create the stunning visual magic that wows audiences across TV, cinema and the digital world.

During this event, we’ll examine:

  • What are the realities of working with VFX companies?
  • How do producers and directors preserve their directorial vision in the face of endless possibilities?
  • How is new software changing what we can do and see?
  • And how much does it cost?

The event will take place from 12.30pm – 2.00pm on Wednesday 27th November at Watershed Cinema 2. 

Tickets are limited and are £15+VAT for Bristol Media members, £20+VAT for non-members.


About Moonraker VFX and 422 South

Moonraker VFX has built a strong local and international reputation with producers and broadcasters, creating award winning visual effects content for Television, Film, Commercials, Museums and Visitor attractions. Creative Director, Simon Clarke, presents work from two recent hit TV series One Strange Rock for National Geographic, and Big Beasts (Sky One).

422 South have won awards for their extraordinary data visualisations, creating sunken ships, mapping migratory birds, and seeing the Earth as we have never seen it before. Creative Director, Dave Corfield, shows how they crafted Drain the Oceans (National Geographic) into a global hit, as well as other projects.



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