Social media tips for companies (part 2)

3rd March 2020

Continuing on from the first part of our blog on social media tips for companies, we have 3 more tips in the second part of our blog series…

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1) Engage in social listening

Once you have started posting, the best way to find out how people are responding to your brand is through social listening. Social listening platforms, such as Awario, can help keep track of how your brand is being perceived online. Social listening can help you to understand whether the conversation around your brand is positive or negative and can also help you to keep track of what your competitors are doing and stay ahead of them.

2) Have a crisis plan

This one is more of a just-in-case measure, but you’ll be glad you have it if it is ever needed. PR disasters are very rare on social media, but a crisis plan can help you to avoid them. Your crisis plan should include what to do in the event of negative press coverage, how to respond to an extreme negative reaction to your brand on social media, and which member of your team is best equipped to deal with a social media crisis in the unlikely event that one may occur.

3) Record your analytics

Analytics are a form of social media data which are designed to measure how well your content is performing. Analytics are an important part of understanding how you can improve your online presence. They can help you to understand if you are reaching your target audience, what type of content is the most beneficial to your brand, and the best time to post. Analytics are crucial for improving your social media content as they give insight into what’s going well and what can be improved upon, so it’s important not to neglect them.

Enjoy our social media tips for companies but still not sure about how to run your business’ social media? Talk to us at OggaDoon, and find out.


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