Skills Gaps in the Live Events Industry Prompt College To Launch a New Apprenticeship

4th July 2023

The global live events industry has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to delays, shortages, and financial challenges. As the industry strives to recover, Weston College is taking a proactive approach to address the critical shortage of skilled workers by introducing the Live Events Technician Apprenticeships. This article explores how Weston College is responding to the staff shortages and the importance of cultivating a new generation of talented professionals in the live events industry.

A detailed global survey report by PLASA and #WeMakeEvents sheds light on the challenges facing the live events industry. The survey reveals delays, shortages, and cost increases experienced by the vast majority of respondents. Confidence in industry recovery within the next six months is low, with cautious optimism for a recovery period of seven to 18 months.

This course provides employers with the opportunity to recruit new talent, as well as upskill existing staff to fill the skills gaps that are holding back their businesses.

The live events industry is grappling with a multitude of challenges, including decreased annual turnover, additional debt burdens, and a disrupted supply chain. A significant skills shortage poses a severe threat to the industry’s ability to meet audience demand for live entertainment and cultural events. On-site roles such as engineers, technicians, crew, and riggers are particularly affected, leading to work delays and cancellations.

The shortage of skilled live events technicians has been exacerbated by freelancers seeking work in other sectors and a decline in international travel opportunities. The industry requires trained professionals with expertise in sound engineering, lighting design, stage setup, and technical operations to ensure the seamless execution of live events. The lack of qualified personnel is hindering the industry’s recovery and sustainability.

We are please to introduce the Live Events Technician Apprenticeships at Weston College as we recognise the need to develop a pipeline of skilled live events technicians and have excitingly launched a new Live Events Technician Apprenticeship. This apprenticeship program offers a structured learning pathway for individuals aspiring to enter the industry and equips them with the necessary technical knowledge and practical skills.

Book online today to find out more about how we can help you grow your business and create pipeline talent in the live events, conference and theatre industry.



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