One in five UK workers likely to change jobs

9th June 2023

Marketing, PR, Digital, and Social Media UK workers landscape in 2023.

A survey by PwC, published in the Spring, revealed that 20% of UK workers felt likely to change jobs in the following 12 months. These employees are seeking better pay and job satisfaction. The accountancy firm also noticed that workers were starting to ‘assert their power’ at a time when many bosses are struggling to recruit.

This was widely reported in the press, and of course what people say in surveys does not always translate into action. But it does indicate the appetite to move and the dissatisfaction so many are experiencing in their current roles. Also dubbed as the ‘The Great Resignation’ by some. PwC polled more than 52,000 individuals whose preferences show some useful insights into what employees and potential candidates are thinking and feeling.

So what does this mean in practice if you are a UK boss, struggling to recruit? Especially in the PR & Marketing industry at the moment…

Well staff turnover in the creative industries was already between 20-30% pre-pandemic, depending on which research you adhere to. So, in some ways it’s ‘business as usual’, as one in five people (or more) are likely to leave every year, statistically speaking. But understanding the reasons they are leaving can truly help those recruiting know how to attract them if and when they do. And of course how to keep them too! Good mental health and breaking out of the hustle culture are anecdotal reasons given by writers who’ve experienced the downsides of such a fast-paced industry.

The PwC Workforce Survey also explored what keeps people in their roles, reporting: “Just over a quarter plan to ask for a raise. But finding fulfilment at work also ranks high in importance”. This sort of insight can help inform your current and future recruitment strategies. As well as responding to what potential employees are looking for and what might entice them to move.

The findings also revealed that hybrid working, i.e. a mix of in office and remote/home working, is the preference of the majority of workers surveyed. In fact, 62% of all surveyed opted in for this.

If you want to stand out from the competition, and get people excited about working in your business, then it’s worth taking the time to find out more about your community and the talent within it. And these sort of insights can provide vital clues.

The Workforce Survey also showed:

  • Pressure on pay is highest in the tech sector where 42% of workers globally surveyed plan to ask for a pay rise. Also the lowest in the public sector (12%).
  • Gen Z and Millennials are the age groups most likely to switch employers. Or leave the workforce over the next 12 months. They are also the most likely to ask for a raise or promotion.
  • While an increase in pay is a main motivator for making a job change (72%), wanting a fulfilling job (68%) and wanting to truly be themselves at work (63%) round out the top three things workers are looking for. Nearly half (46%) prioritised being able to choose where they work.

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