One day Discovery workshop: LeadershipiD

4th July 2019

Earlier this year, Bristol Media’s Marketing, Events & Operations Manager, Kirsty Phillips, headed off to the beautiful Backwell House for the one-day workshop ‘LeadershipiD’. Read on to discover Kirsty’s experience of the day.

“Leadership iD is an immersive, one-day experience that promises to help discover and define your personal leadership brand and action plan. The interactive workshop is set in the peaceful location of Backwell House and facilitated by Bristol Media Member Coaches, Mette Davis and Katie Scotland.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside, Backwell House is an escape from the everyday and certainly a welcome location to take time out to focus on your personal leadership style.

Katie and Mette introduced the overall concept of LeadershipiD and set expectations from the beginning by providing each person in our intimate group with a blueprint template to input into over the course of the day. The structure was based around a combination of working in pairs and group work, with self-reflection nestled in at the appropriate times.

I found the whole experience equally as rewarding as it was challenging. Participants delve into a spot of emotional soul searching and draw on previous experiences to help distinguish the key behaviours and traits that drive you as an individual. The end goal and final product – your unique, personal, tailored leadership iD to take away and put into action.

Moving through activities centred around topics such as: goal setting (from a personal, team and business perspective); challenges; enablers; and identifying developmental needs, Katie & Mette provide crucial guidance and framed questions in order to complete the sections of the blueprint.

Several weeks on I’ve started to put my learnings into practise. Having identified the key themes and behaviours I value as a leader which (reassuringly!) align with the values of Bristol Media, the blueprint is a useful prompt when discussing objectives with your team. One of my key leadership values was collectively celebrating achievements – so I now encourage my direct report to share the experiences that have gone particularly well in her working week. I’m looking forward to implementing the other elements of my action plan over the next 6 months.

LeadershipiD is not your typical leadership day – devoid of stuffiness, Katie and Mette ensure the whole experience is highly relatable, personal and all in all it’s thoroughly enjoyable. I’d recommend to anyone who is looking to discover and define their personal leadership brand and action plan.”

Katie and Mette are running another LeadershipiD workshop in September where Bristol Media members can attend for a reduced rate. Contact Katie Scotland or Mette Davies or details.


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