NEW Workshops with the SEND Centre for Excellence

15th September 2023

As one of only 3 SEND Centres for Excellence in the UK, we are delighted to share a brand-new workshop that focuses on supporting business who want to foster diversity and inclusion within every aspect of work. As we all navigate through an ever-evolving business landscape, we are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you as your inclusion partner.

In fact, companies that champion disability and neurodiversity inclusion report:

– 30% higher economic profit margins
– 28% higher revenue
– 2x the net income

Through our brand new innovative and transformative ‘Conscious Inclusion’ Workshop, we aim to build upon the success of our ‘Supporting Neurodivergent Employees’ 1-day training introduced in 2022.  Our aim is to continue assisting employers and employees like you, approach diversity and inclusion in the workplace with more confidence. This workshop is perfect for those that….

  • Are interested in unpacking inclusion to meet your business need and making it work positively.
  • Want to create an environment where all individual’s unique talents and perspectives are celebrated and valued part of your forward planning.
  • Is looking to promote equality, elevate underrepresented voices, and drive meaningful change as part of strategy and business goals.

The “Conscious Inclusion” training by Weston College’s Faculty of Inclusive Practice is not just an investment in your employees’ well-being but also a strategic step towards a brighter, more inclusive future for all. The training does come with a trigger warning as we unpick trauma informed responses.

Ensuring a more inclusive future for your company and the community it serves can have powerful positive consequences.

With a proven track record of driving inclusive initiatives, we are confident in our ability to contribute to your organisation’s diversity goals. You will learn from nationally recognised experts, local to you and at the forefront of SEND.

Book your space online today or contact [email protected] should you need to arrange invoice payment. We do have Bristol dates so get in touch to learn in the heart of Bristol at the

We hope you join us on this transformative journey towards conscious inclusion, and together, we can help build workplaces that celebrate diversity and empower every individual to thrive. Our Neurodiversity Workshops are continuing to run in 2023-2024 due to demand. More information 

We look forward to collaborating and making a lasting impact together.

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About Weston College

Weston College is an Ofsted outstanding college of further and higher education in Weston-super-Mare, 25 minutes from Bristol. Here at Weston, we provide education and vocational training to around 30,000 learners across the South West.

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