MotherBoard joins the Women Pivoting to Digital Taskforce

14th May 2024

The Founder of Bristol-based MotherBoard, Sophie Creese has joined the Women Pivoting to Digital Taskforce and will work with the City of London Corporation to help mid-career women pivot to digital roles. The aim is to address the underrepresentation of women working in digital careers by providing women with vital skills in order future-proof the digital workforce. 

The Women Pivoting to Digital Taskforce brings together business, government, third sector, and industry groups to bring more attention to and action around supporting women from non-technical backgrounds to career change into technology roles.  29th April marked the commencement of the Taskforce.  

Taskforce members are comprised of 65 different subject matter experts from across the UK regions with an interest in digital and diversity, responsible for delivering the Workstream outputs. 

In the UK, half of women leave the tech sector by age 35, often due to inflexible working conditions that exclude mothers. I’m excited to join the Women Pivoting to Digital Taskforce, dedicated to increasing female representation in tech through career switching. MotherBoard brings a vital perspective, highlighting the need for practical solutions to ensure women with already established careers in other industries are offered the support needed to thrive in tech roles.” Sophie Creese, Founder of MotherBoard 

About Sophie Creese (she/her) 

Founder of MotherBoard 

Sophie Creese is the Founder of mission-led organisations MotherBoard & HeyFlow, which are driving positive change for gender equity at work. 

MotherBoard is a not-for-profit Business Charter & Community that is tackling the 50% of women who leave the tech industry by age 35, predominantly due to motherhood.  

Beyond MotherBoard, Sophie co-founded HeyFlow earlier this year, a mission-led insights & consultancy start-up that helps employers understand their female workforce better to improve retention.  

About The Women Pivoting to Digital Taskforce 

About MotherBoard 

MotherBoard is a Business Charter, Community, and Event Series driving tangible change for mums working in the tech industry. We are on a mission to transform the industry to be more inclusive of women & mothers by tackling stigmas and supporting employers who want to create real change.  Powered by ADLIB ( 

// 50% of women leave the tech industry before age 35. Let’s change that. 

Why mums? 

Although MotherBoard is specifically tackling the issue of motherhood inclusion within the tech industry, a lot of what we are fighting for are problems that create gender inequity across the board.  

With 82% of women becoming mothers in their lifetime, if we want a more gender-fair industry then motherhood (and the penalty that currently comes with it) needs to be at the heart of every inclusion strategy.   

Without removing the barriers mothers face, we will continue to see more women leaving the industry, which leads to fewer women in senior roles, which in turn leads to fewer women entering the industry due to a lack of visible role models.  

We also fight for parents in general.  

To achieve true gender equity, the idea of a mother being the presumed primary caregiver needs to be broken down and there needs to be greater flexibility for all parents to look after their children – regardless of gender. 

Why Tech? 

With only 27% of the tech workforce being women, tech is one of the most gender-imbalanced industries within the UK. It’s a known issue, with many employers wanting to create more gender-diverse teams but ending up fishing from the same limited pool.  

Our goal is to help businesses not only create environments that are more supportive of women in the current workforce but also equip them with the tools to shift a much-needed change for future generations. 



Jardine Miles: Marketing Manager, MotherBoard, email: [email protected] 

Sophie Creese: Founder, MotherBoard, email: [email protected] 



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