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Synergist agency management software helps agencies to grow safely and smoothly by reducing the ‘busy chaos’ and enabling teams to work more efficiently and profitably.

By streamlining project workflows, with features such as Kanban Boards, Gantt charts and resource schedules, and allowing you to see the financial implications of actions with instant reporting, billing, estimates against actuals and more. Synergist unites operations and financials in on integrated view giving you a complete and live view on your agency.

This complete and integrated view allows agency leaders to see clearly what’s going on and to steer the agency towards more profitable projects and clients. And it helps the team with everything from better collaboration to better decision making and increased commercial awareness.

Synergist works with over 500 of the UK’s leading agencies. The software is tailored to your agency’s needs, and therefore, it suits all agency types from branding to ecommerce.

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