Susan Pearson / Wordways Freelance Member

Member Bio

Clear communications from creative and experienced freelance. Journalist, media trainer, PR and editor. Specialism in environment and medicine

I have over 30 years experience as a communicator – as a writer, journalist, editor and media relations consultant. I am currently the Editor of ‘Looking Deeper’, a biannual Armitage Shanks publication on water safety in healthcare.

I’m an effective communicator beyond the written word – I’ve managed and motivated editorial teams, recruited and supervised teams of volunteers and liaised very effectively with local community groups. I have worked alongside colleagues to deliver media training and have worked closely with many associate graphic designers and web designers.

I listen carefully to help you establish your key messages and make sure these are clearly communicated to the right audience, across a range of platforms, both print and digital.

I make complex, technical and unfamiliar material easy to understand. I have also produced material for children.

I have produced easy-to-follow media training materials that are used by Friends of the Earth UK as resources for their local campaigning groups:                                   (  ‘Create a media strategy”, Write a press release’, ‘Give a media interview’ (materials subject to copyright: cannot be printed, circulated or put on-line without permission).

Much of my work has focused on medicine and the environment but I am equally happy working over a wide range of topics –  I have been the marketing officer for a small arts organisation and  the editorial project manager for a children’s biology encyclopaedia.

I can find a media angle whatever your context. I have delivered an award winning campaign on a controversial environmental issue, a campaign which was never expected to generate much media interest – yet stimulated hundreds of print media stories, numerous radio interviews and TV coverage.


“Susan’s media training for our Campaign Organisers was amazing and was both super enjoyable and useful for the participants. It was tailored and pitched exactly to our needs. Her materials are clear, concise and punchy, without losing any detail, and I’m really pleased that she has allowed Friends of the Earth to use some of this content on our new website.” Phil Burroughs, Former Friends of the Earth Community Activism Coordinator

“Susan is the very best in her field. I have worked with Susan for several years, and I trust her publications, wording, phrasing, for accuracy and detail.” Paul Nolan, Consultant Water Hygiene Authorised Engineer & Former Operations Manager for Lend Lease;

“I first read Susan’s work in the Biomedical Scientist and was very impressed at how she took a complex subject and made it readable and easy to understand. She has since been involved in a number of projects and has excelled at all of these … She liaises throughout with clients – ensuring their message is delivered accurately. I have recommended her to numerous other clients and still utilise her services.” Elise Maynard, Past Chair, Water Management Society

Key Skills

  • media strategies-
  • press releases
  • running responses
  • experienced broadcast spokesperson
  • media training
  • journalism- numerous specialist articles on medicine biology & the environment
  • content- web & print
  • editing & proofreading

Key Clients

  • Armitage Shanks
  • InferSens
  • Idexx
  • Water Management Society
  • Pall Medical
  • Health Estate Journal
  • Bristol Friends of the Earth