Superstar Agency Member

We are Superstar, a lean team of brand explorers within a constellation of expert partners. From startups to scale-ups to heritage brands, we’ll help guide you through the small steps that lead to giant leaps.

Member Bio

We connect brands with their people through brave and beautiful ideas. Work that helps your brand grow in the hearts and minds of your audience. Sustainable growth, repeatable and responsible, for now and for the future.

We do this by creating effective design solutions and ad campaigns built on compelling ideas rooted in truth – from branding, print and digital to TV, press, social and outdoor.

And our personable and seamless project management means happy clients from the very first meeting to project launch and beyond.

Being a collective gives you big agency quality work without big agency inefficiencies, egos and fees. So why pay the earth for a big brand agency when all you need are the stars?

Key People

Alice Hamilton-Bowman

Client Services Director

Phil Harvey

Creative Director