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We are a copywriting and content agency. We exist to help you win with words. We do this by providing agile, scalable content services that you can access on-demand.

Member Bio

Even if you don’t know us, you’ve probably read our words.

We’re a copywriting agency made up of a diverse team of copywriters, strategists and project managers. Working together, we help our clients win using the power of words.

Since 1987, we’ve helped clients of all shapes and sizes to win with words.

Starting with strategy, research and planning, we help clients make more of their communications. And by matching talented writers to clients based on specialist sector and channel experience, we prime every partnership for success.

From one to twenty writers, construction to cars, social media to annual reports – there’s no such thing as a typical partnership. We build project teams based on each client’s needs. And then we apply our trademark flawless account management to maintain momentum and ensure seamless delivery.

It’s not magic, it’s process. But the result is often magical.

Key People

Darren Clare

As CEO, Darren combines his experience in business development, sales and marketing to direct the company’s vision and strategy.

Nina Whittaker

Nina has more than a decade of account management experience, working for a wide range of clients including De Beers Group, Allianz Global Investors, Sport England and Mitsubishi Motors Europe. Her keen eye for detail, ability to think laterally and boundless creativity make her the ideal person to guide, advise and support our dedicated client services team. Nina also plays a vital role in the strategic direction of Stratton Craig, making sure we’re aligned with the changing needs of our clients. Whether she’s supporting new talent in our freelance network, establishing new client connections or building on existing relationships, she’s constantly looking for ways to make Stratton Craig even better.

Claire Wilson

Claire is a communications professional with almost 20 years’ experience. She earned her stripes in marketing and communications roles with large financial services firms, including five years as Head of Communications for a large Sydney-based asset management firm. As Stratton Craig’s Head of Copy & Strategy, she works closely with clients to design fully integrated communications strategies which support their commercial goals – helping them to create high quality, engaging and effective content time and again.

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