Eleanor Kenny Graduate

Freelance Photographer, Videographer and Editor. Experienced Camera Trainee.

Member Bio

Hello, I’m Eleanor, a Bristol based creative from West Yorkshire.

I graduated from the University of Bristol with a Distinction in MA Film & TV studies in 2022, and have since been working as a freelancer specialising in digital content. My portfolio features a range of work spanning documentary, music videos, promotional content and fiction films. I have experience in wedding, fashion and studio photography, alongside filming and editing my own footage for recurring clients. Most notably, I have worked closely with Fashion Council Germany as their primary content creator for their UK based projects, producing micro documentaries and promotional videos, and had my work featured on Vogue Germany.

Alongside my freelance work I have experience as a camera trainee on both independent and HETV projects. I am looking to expand my experience in the camera department, however I am also interested in gaining experience in the art department, as I’m striving for a career in some form of creative direction.

I have been commended for my positive and personable attitude on sets and with clients, which I believe is one of my best creative assets. I’m eager to constantly learn and develop my skills and artistic knowledge through experience.

My work is available to view on my portfolio at www.mastrellimedia.com