Liam Richardson Freelance Member

I'm a User Interface Developer 🤓 currently based in Bristol. For 14 years I've built award-winning Websites, Design Systems, and Installations for clients around the globe 🌎.

Member Bio

For about 14 years or so I’ve been building Websites, Applications, Digital Installations, and some other random bits in between. This has been about a 50/50 split between full-time at agencies and as a freelancer working for one-person organisations, multi-million dollar startups and everyone in between.

Over the years I’ve done a little bit of everything, but these days I find myself working on modular-based websites, design systems, or startups. Most of my work over the last few years has been based on WordPress or Storybook, and a mix of different Static Site Generators.

I’ve played an active part in all stages of the project lifecycle. I enjoy working closely with stakeholders directly to define project goals and deliverables, & working with teams of designers and developers to build those deliverables. I’ve joined projects at the very start of the processes, and have also been parachuted in days from launch to fix those last-minute bugs or add new features.