Francesca Kasteliz/TV Coach Freelance Member

On Air Performance coach working with top TV & online talent as well as emerging broadcasters, experts, thought leaders, journalists & spokespeople.

Member Bio

If you need to *shine on-screen* – let me help.

Whether you’re a TV presenter, would-be TV talent, a reporter/correspondent, an expert in your field, a CEO or spokesperson for your organisation – I can help you fine-tune the skills you need to be the best you can be on-air.

If you’re the one making the programme – and looking for help to develop and nurture your presenting talent, then I can help too.

I am a performance coach for some of the biggest names on TV working with famous faces in news, sport, documentaries, natural history, entertainment, science and children’s TV across many channels, networks and online.
From Panorama to Strictly Come Dancing to A Place in the Sun, if you want to be more authentic, engaging and confident on-air then I know how; whatever channel you are on or role you are in, whether you’re a prime time news correspondent or fronting a shiny floor show.
If you are a CEO or spokesperson for a charity or company – or an expert from the world of academia, nature, history, medicine, science or more – I can help you make more impact in media appearances.
A session with me is one-to-one, tailored to your needs and I’m discreet; you’ll see I don’t disclose names.
I am particularly interested in working with emerging talent from diverse backgrounds so please get in touch with me as I am keen to support you in your journey as much as I can!

I help perfect your natural, authentic style; how you connect with viewers using body language, scripting, voice and expression. We work on confidence and building the mental toughness needed for a life in front of the lens.

Reporters need their stories to stand out from the crowd – I coach you in the art of storytelling; how you can write & package more effectively to engage your viewer; master the craft of being in front of a camera and nail those live OBs and two ways.

I help you make the most of out being on-air and have real impact. We look at how you express yourself, your on-screen presence, interview technique and how you can be both impressive and authentic in media appearances.

I’ve been working in TV for more than 25 years so I understand what’s needed to be great on camera.
I started out as a BBC News TV reporter and presenter, then became a producer and editor. I’m a trained executive coach and helped devise and lead the BBC’s training programme for on-screen talent across the UK.
I build trusting and warm relationships with people – and provide a safe, non-judgemental environment in which broadcasting talent can address often-sensitive issues. My coaching style is empathetic, but dynamic. Supportive, but honest. Challenging, but fun.

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