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DNA is a recruitment advertising, employee engagement and communications and marketing agency based in Bristol.

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We help clients create stronger brands and better businesses. For some we help them find, keep and engage the staff they need. For others, we help them find, keep and engage the customers they need. And for many we do both.

Compelling. Expert. Refreshing. Hungry.

We are DNA.

Key People

John Tarrant | Managing Partner

Written by Chris - John and I go back many, many years, first of all professionally, but then as good friends. I first met him when I joined his agency in Bristol as an Art Director, and we hit it off immediately. Since then, our career paths have gone different ways, but now they've come back together full circle, which is lovely. Not only is he a great friend, but he's also a great person to work with. He's been in recruitment for at least 70 years, and so his knowledge of the business is second to none. It's not just the DNA team who benefit from this. Many clients do too. The world of recruitment has changed since we first met - just as we have, I guess, but now we're at the beginning of this venture, I can see many of the qualities I saw in John during those early days: enthusiasm, passion, hunger. There's a glint in the eye, and we're enjoying the chance to work together again. Just so long as he doesn't forget that I taught him everything he knows.

Fiona Stewart | Digital Partner

Written by Tivoli - Fiona and I worked together for years before we went our separate ways, and have now found ourselves back in the same melting pot again and it is brilliant. As a digital whizz, Fiona has gone from strength-to-strength as the changing market focuses on new media and digital developments. Even in the comparatively short time that Fiona and I have worked together, the communications industries have changed so much, and I can honestly say I wouldn't know half as much as I do, without Fi. Her intelligence, enthusiasm and passion are infectious. I hope they really are infectious; I could definitely do with a little more of that intelligence.

Chris Bennett | Creative Partner

Written by John - I met Chris back in the early 90's when he interviewed for Creative Director in an agency I had then. We've become friends over the years both in and out of work and I'm pleased to say that we're back working together again. The advertising world has changed a lot since those early years, but I can still rely on Chris to come up with the one thing that will always remain a constant in this business - a good idea. Over the years, Chris has picked up an armful of creative awards and still continues to produce great work for our clients here at DNA. I know that as the team gets bigger, Chris will continue to do what he does best.