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A visual communicator working with marketers, publishers and business owners who need impactful graphic design and visual story-telling to communicate information to a non-technical audience.

Member Bio

In a world that’s rich in information, cutting through the noise is vital.

I’m a Bristol-based freelance graphic designer with extensive experience across many aspects of information design. I work with businesses and organisations to help them make sense of complex and sometimes dense information. From simplifying and distilling a detailed corporate report to using illustration to add personality and pace, I help clients communicate clearly and effectively using intelligent, engaging and accessible design.

Design can be a powerful tool which can support organisations’ confidence in talking about what they do, helping them to communicate effectively to a range of audiences. Good design can often make a meaningful difference to the future of a charity or business. A report I worked on for Sustrans in 2018 was instrumental in helping them raise over £2 billion in Government funding over the next 22 years.

as a designer there’s no greater feedback than this on a project.


Key People

Diane Broadley | Graphic Designer

Graphic designer / illustrator based in Bristol. With one creative parent and one engineering design parent, I think I am a mixture of a creative eye and practical common sense. I’m keen to dig abit deeper to try to bring out the best we can. My two passions are the natural world and our urgent transformation to NetZero and craftsmanship of handmade, beautiful and functional items that are built once and last. When they are done they (mostly) breakdown into natural materials. Making things with my hands is my antidote to working on computer.