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Bristol Beacon is a music charity that uses music to bring joy, engage and inspire. Make space for music in your life and help us make space for music for everyone.

Member Bio

Bristol Beacon is a music charity, renowned venue and award-winning music education hub.

With a city-wide programme of live music, creative learning opportunities and community engagement, we’re here to help make space for music every day, with everyone. With you!

A place of welcome, warmth and light, we extend an open invitation to the city for everyone to come and share in the joy of live music and celebrate this in everything we do.


Our purpose is to share the unity and joy of live music. We do this through an artistic programme of music performance which, during the transformation of Bristol Beacon, includes over 200 gigs and concerts per year in over 35 partner venues across Bristol and Bath.

As the city’s music hub, we run a programme of creative learning reaching over 30,000 young people every year from Beacon Music Centre in Southmead and across Bristol’s schools.

We offer support for creatives giving emerging artists and industry professionals the tools they need for a successful career in the music industry.

And we collaborate with Bristol’s diverse communities on projects to ensure music is at the heart of our city.

Our new name marks the start of an exciting new chapter as Bristol Beacon. A symbol of hope and community. A focal point for music in the city, buzzing with people having fun, making connections and weaving stories.

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