Albert E James and Son Business Member

At Albert E James and Son Ltd, we take pride in our expertly created bird feed blends, made for raising champion birds.

Member Bio

With a traditional merchant background in agriculture, and roots stemming back from 1962, our extensive knowledge and expertise combined with cutting-edge technology to create specially formulated mixes of seeds, maize, grains and oils. Providing a nourishing, well-balanced diet is essential in successful bird keeping. We truly understand the importance of this, and our products ensure your feathered companions live a life of optimum health, happiness and performance.

Our products

Carefully sourced from only natural ingredients, from the right climatic environments for your breed, our formulated blends are full of flavour and texture for your bird’s enjoyment. On top of this, the wide variety available allows you to select a feed suited specifically for the individual conditions and nutritional requirements of your bird. Using our modern manufacturing process, we are able to maintain top levels of control from start to finish throughout production. This ensures the highest levels of cleanliness and quality in our mixes, guaranteeing excellence across all our products.

Bird care guides

At Albert E James and Son we are dedicated to facilitating optimum healthcare for birds, which comes hand-in-hand with responsible birdkeeping. Whilst feeding them correctly is a fundamental factor, there are many other aspects to take on board. We’ve put together handy guides to provide you with some tips to help you look after yours, whatever your chosen breed. View our bird care guides here.

Where to find us

Albert E James and Son Ltd is based in South Bristol, but our products are widely stocked all across the UK. For the full list of our stockists, please visit our stockists page here. Our retail shop, Barrow Mill Country Store, can be found in Bristol. It stocks our bird feed alongside a wide range of agricultural, equine and pet accessories, with staff on hand to share their expertise and knowledge and answer any questions. Our seed blends can also be ordered online, meaning you can provide your birds with the nourishment they need, wherever you are.