Life On Hold: the creative art project

28th April 2020

Two of Bristol’s creative agencies and a host of some of the biggest names in illustration, graffiti and design have joined forces to launch a brand new arts community, raising money for the NHS and Mind charities amidst the current Covid-19 crisis.

Life on Hold’, launched by Duchess Media and Hey! What?, is a fundraising project which encourages designers, illustrators and artists, both professional and amateur to get involved, creating pieces of art based around the new slower pace of life, which has come about as a result of the current lockdown rules.

Life on Hold has already amassed a range of well-known and up and coming artists from Bristol and beyond to create a selection of original pieces around this theme, including world-famous graffiti artists such as InkieMr Jago, and Feek and illustrators and artists such as Miss LedHoly Moly and many more. Other creatives will then be able to register to ‘remix’ these original pieces, taking elements from the original creations to produce their own pieces of work. Their creations can then be passed on to other creatives, generating a chain of ever-evolving ‘remixed’ art.

The project will culminate in an online exhibition including the original pieces of work alongside all of the remixed prints, all of which will be available for purchase with all profits raised going to mental health charity Mind as well as selected local NHS trusts, including Bristol based NHS charity Above & Beyond, who work to support city centre hospitals.

Speaking about the project, founder Hamish McWhirter said:

“We’re so excited by the list of key artists we have assembled for Life On Hold and the work that they have submitted is incredible. We hope that the campaign not only raises important funds for the NHS and Mind but also serves as a way of using creativity as a form of therapy during what is a difficult and uneasy time for many of us.”

Life On Hold has already amassed over 350 applications since launching at the end of March, and all 30 of the original pieces of art, created by the key artists, are now available for download to ‘remix’ on the website. Anyone wanting to participate will be able to make a charitable donation to support the amazing work being done by the NHS and Mind. The 30 original key artists pieces will be auctioned at the end of the project, and prints will also be available to buy, with all profits going directly to charity.

Applications are now open at

Facebook: /lifeonholdremix

Twitter: @lifeonholdremix

Instagram: @lifeonholdremix


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