Information is Beautiful Award: Luna 9 shortlisted

18th October 2019

We know it might seem like a bit of a shameless plug, but we wanted to share the news of our UK Energy Landscape being shortlisted for the 2019 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards not only to encourage our friends in the Bristol creative industries to give us a vote, but to draw attention to the amazing data visualisation work that is being done across the globe.

The awards website features a host of stunning design projects, exploring data from science and technology, politics, global warming and popular culture, to name just a few. Making sense of complex subjects is more important now than ever, and having creative minds engage with journalists and policy-makers is a powerful way to bring important issues to public attention.

To see the shortlisted entries in this year’s Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards, head to the link below. And if you feel inclined to vote for our entry, we’ll love you forever.

We built an interactive map to look at the various ways that the UK sources its energy. Using the layered hierarchy of an interactive document we sought to guide the reader through the process and shed some light on a subject that is rapidly evolving.

About us:

We are Luna 9 — Creative problem solvers on a mission to connect people through design. We take complex information and make it visually easy to understand. We’ve worked with organisations like NHS England, Dyson and Arup to help them bridge the gap between those in the know and those who need to know.

Twitter: @luna9design

Instagram: @luna9design


About Luna 9

Why do we all have to make things so complicated? People don’t have the time for waffle or complexity, and we’re all too polite or proud to say we don’t understand. Now more than ever there’s not enough of what really counts. Clarity. We are Luna...

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