If 2 heads are better than 1 – how about 8 heads?

28th January 2019

If “2 heads are better than 1” is true, then basic mathematics suggests that 3, 4 or more heads multiplies your opportunity for problem solving and brainstorming.

Our practical experience suggests that this is not necessarily the case.  Too many sources of advice, some of which firmly contradicts each other, can confuse rather than clarify.  In any case you find yourself questioning the motivations behind these ideas; are they opinions and whether they derive from real world experience or a fertile imagination?

The other truth is that those who give you advice, don’t have to live with the consequences; that means what you’ve been told you should do is not founded in the same stuff that you are trying to wade your way through.

That’s why I love Mastermind Groups.  The group is there for the long term and each member has first-hand experience of being in the “hot seat” seeking help from the other minds; they know that the results of any advice they give, and its efficacy, will be discussed at the next session.  The other great boon of this peer to peer working group is that it is facilitated: no dominant voice is allowed to drown out the quieter contributors, focus on the challenge is maintained, actions are logged and committed to and the results are demonstrated.

Yes, it is true that several heads are better than 1 when it comes to resolving issues and this can grow exponentially when the giving and receiving of the help you need is shared across a truly collaborative Mastermind Group.

How to join the Mastermind Group

Explore the way the Mastermind Group Works at a Taster Meeting on 7th February from 08.00-12.00 in the Meeting Room at Bakesmiths Coffee Shop, Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2LY.  To reserve a place: go to

For more information about the way the group works, contact:

Christophe Stourton: [email protected] Tel: 07703 209 223

Chris Kenber: [email protected] Tel: 07834 226 583


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