How we’ve adapted to working from home

21st September 2020

In August, we officially hit over 100 days of working from home. Here’s an update on what it has been like and how have we adapted to this new way of working.

Working from home – first impressions

Working from home is great! No more commute, more time with the kids, and a comfier existence. For most of the team at OggaDoon, the first few weeks of working from home felt like a welcome break from the drudgery of quotidien life. There were unexpected benefits both personally and collectively, such as more time to spend doing the things we enjoy, and a sudden reduction in air pollution.

The challenges

After the initial enjoyment that came with working from home, we soon realised there were a number of challenges. Each team member had a different home set up and this presented individual challenges for each person. Whether it was disciplining children to follow a structured day of learning, stepping over housemates and dogs, bad wifi, or no privacy – we each were dealing with a lot.

It’s not a surprise, therefore, that we also struggled to feel like a team. Caroline established daily Zoom calls and we tried out a few different forms of virtual bonding to try to feel like a team again. It didn’t always work.

In a time when we’re being told by the Prime Minister to disconnect from our families and friends physically, it was a struggle to replicate this virtually.

Making it work 

The challenges we faced working from home were not exclusive to OggaDoon. People all over the world felt the same way and were encountering mutual feelings of isolation; for many, it was a lot worse. But as a business, we’re proud of our resilience.

We eventually established a routine that worked. Each member of the team adjusted their home settings too – Bobby moved house, Caroline signed a contract with her children, and we hired two new staff, Simon and Elena.

We repositioned our business to fit the new world and we made it work.

The new normal

So, what next? Right now, we’re blending working from home whilst settling into our new home in Engine Shed. We work with many businesses who are doing amazing things and we’re excited to be working alongside them, supporting the vision.


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