How to use National Awareness Days to inspire content

12th July 2022

National Awareness Days refer to a day to commemorate an occasion or place of importance for a particular cause and can include day, week or month long campaigns.

There are national awareness days for almost everything, from the serious to the hilarious. You can shape your content to be as fun and adventurous as you like.

Most of us are familiar with a few of these campaigns such as International Women’s Day, World Book Day, Pride Month. But did you know that there are awareness days for so many different occasions such as International Picnic Day… The list is endless, and this is where the fun begins…

Want to know how and why to inspire content using an awareness day calendar? Read on to find out more.

Having a list of awareness days at hand (I have a printed copy stuck to my wall), you should be able to generate many great content ideas. With a little sprinkling of imagination, some time set aside to plan and prepare your content calendar and dedication, there is no reason why you too can’t benefit from using these awareness days to shape great content.

How do awareness days help to inspire amazing content?

National Awareness Days have been used by PR’s and Marketing experts for a long time.

Why? Because the media love nothing more than well-timed, relevant stories. Using these relevant days to reach your target audience is a powerful tool. If you can identify a date that’s relevant to your business, then you’ve identified a potential PR angle!

Awareness days are brilliant for inspiring content for social media posts, blogs and newsletters so use them to your advantage and use them wisely. Just look for the relevant opportunities and piggyback off them

How to make your content unique when using awareness days

Take it from me, it’s entirely achievable to create unique material when using awareness days to shape content. You just need to think outside of the box, be creative and use them as prompts to come up with content. Make sure business tone is captured.

Selecting Awareness Days that are relevant to you or your business

It’s important to let your creative juices flow when selecting the dates for your content. There will be many that are relevant to your business sector but also try to get involved with days that don’t feel 100% relevant – be sure to start by plotting these dates out and adding them to your content planner. You need to think creatively to make them relevant to your brand. If you feel passionate and have something to say about them, or feel some affiliation for the cause associated with it, then do add it to your planner.

Here at Carnsight Communications, we use a platform called Planable to schedule our posts. This is then the start of your content plan.

Plotting these ideas into your planner will provide clarity and structure to the content to create each week. Using this template will enable you to add in other forms of content around the awareness days such as case studies, blogs, client testimonials or business updates.

It’s important to plan ahead with content and definitely take advantage of the awareness days available to you but make sure you don’t overdo it with these dates. It’s the same with everything, if there is too much of one specific type of content, it gets boring for the audience. Be sure to mix things up a little.

Drop these Awareness Days in your content every now and then. Obviously, this is dependent on whether you feel the topic is relevant to you or your business.

If you can embed them into your content, great… they can be a brilliant way of engaging with your audience and can really get you noticed.


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