Fiasco Design re-brand an environmental and social impact app, after backing from BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

14th June 2023

OnHand is a social and environmental impact app that encourages employees to participate in mini volunteering missions. Started and supported by a growing network of big-name charity partners, it connects those in need with those who want to give. 

OnHand makes it easy to do good. Employees can open the on-demand, location-based app and take part as easily as booking a taxi. Whenever suits them, wherever they are, they can find easy-to-do, meaningful missions that align with the causes they care about.

Following a successful appearance on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Fiasco were tasked with creating a new identity for the next stage in their global, enterprise-level B2B growth. 

Brand Idea

The brand centres around the idea: ‘Mini missions that matter to you’. Designed to empower the employee, this statement talks directly to them and highlights the opportunity to make a difference to the things they care about. 

Rolling out the strategy for the visual and verbal identity, Fiasco created a feel-good brand that’s engaging and fun for employees and employers alike. 

A Little Lift

At the heart of the rebrand is the new logo. Fiasco Design enlisted the help of lettering artist Alec Tear to lend a hand crafting a logo that touches on the human-to-human nature of the brand. 

Retaining the hand-drawn qualities of the previous logo, the new version features connected letters and offset, cursive strokes. The capitalised ‘O’ adds extra impact. The uplifting arched crossbar of the ‘H’ adds a sense of vitality, whilst also allowing the logo to be easily stacked.

Colour & Voice

The logo is complemented with a cheery sunshine yellow to dial up the good vibes. Meanwhile, the supporting colour palette features earthy shades and deep teal hues; which are contrasted with pops of colour for punchy captions and call-to-actions. 

Fiasco crafted a perma-positive brand voice; with succinct, encouraging and celebratory headlines. This is reinforced with the hero font Agrandir, which oozes positivity. Paired with Plus Jakarta, the font choices are warm, welcoming and accessible to all. 

Emoji Time

There are nods to the app itself. Missions are arranged vertically to give a sense of scroll-through, whilst lozenges and rounded modules connote an app experience.  A suite of charming, custom emojis created in-house help to lift missions off-screen and bring them to life in a way that feels authentic and palpable. 

Success Selfies

User-generated photography combined with cause-and-effect storytelling, celebrates successful missions and propels them into the real world. Mission and name badges add a sense of achievement and reflect the gamified nature of a mobile app. A candid photography style aims to capture meaningful moments as they happen; from individuals completing missions, team-building tasks, and the friendships that are formed. OnHand puts people right at the forefront of their brand and champions their hard work. 


“The Fiasco team just got it from the outset. We’ve now got a super positive brand that reflects our vision – and is really compelling for both employees and employers. Not an easy feat.” 

-Sanjay Lobo MBE, CEO, OnHand

“OnHand are a prime example of who we love working with at Fiasco. A down to earth, ambitious and lovely team – with a purpose-led business that values creativity. It’s been a joy!”

– Chris Tozer, Associate Creative Director, Fiasco Design 


You can view the full case study here.


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