Workshop: £1m…? £2m…? £3m…? What will it take to break your glass ceiling?


4th Oct 2023




The Forge, Bristol Colston Yard, Bristol BS1 5BD

Join Robert Craven, Janusz Stabik, the GYDA team and your agency peers for our next workshop.

We’ll be discussing what’s holding you back and what the high-performers do to break the glass ceiling. Join us and we’ll identify what you need to do about it.

We’ll use a selection of our Mastermind tools and techniques (Masterclass, Hot Seats, Round Tables, Quick Fire Questions) to show you what you can do, right now, to break your glass ceiling.

Working with hundreds of agencies every year we will share what it takes to get to the next level!

Tickets are free for agency leaders!

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About GYDA

GYDA (Grow Your Digital Agency) is a business consultancy that helps digital agency leaders run the agencies they want to run, so they can live the life they want to lead. We do this by using the mastermind process to spearhead agency growth.

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