The Kiltered Guide to Effective D&I

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6th Oct 2021





The Kiltered Guide to Effective D&I is a practical series of five bite-sized virtual sessions to set you on the right track with your diversity & inclusion efforts. We’ll help you make sense of what Diversity & Inclusion means for your business, why it matters, and how to turn the conversation into action. We’ll share insights, tools and techniques to help you overcome any D&I fears and obstacles, before starting to develop a plan.  Our goal is to help you create a more inclusive workplace that will lead to increased diversity, improved team motivation and better business performance.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to embed D&I into their business in a way that’s about more than talking and quotas. You might already be doing something D&I related, you might not.  You might have taken the first step but are not sure what to focus on next.  Or you might be finding it difficult to get buy-in or investment for your efforts.  We’re here to help you take that next step, whatever it might be, and turn conversations into meaningful action for your business.

Series breakdown:

This series of 5 workshops will run fortnightly on a Wednesday morning starting on Wednesday 22nd September.

** NB the first session had already taken place but if you’d like to book on the remaining 4 sessions, we will send you a recording of the first session along with slides so that you can catch up.

Part 1 – 22nd September, 9-10.30am

Setting the Scene – The business case for Diversity & Inclusion 

Part 2 – 6th October, 9.30-10.30am

Making Space for Inclusion – Where do I start? 

Part 3 – 20th October, 9.30-10.30am

Embedding Inclusion into your Culture through your Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy 

Part 4 – 3rd November, 9.30-10.30am

The Perception Gap – Using data and analytics to increase your chances of success 

Part 5 – 17th November, 9.30-10.30am

Writing your plan and putting it into action 

A bit about Morag & Mette

Barrister Morag Ofili started Kiltered in 2020, a forward-thinking diversity and inclusion consultancy with a mission to take the fear out of building more inclusive workspaces.  Using data analytics and organisational psychology, Kiltered helps businesses develop cohesive and achievable strategies for change and empowers businesses to put plans into action in a meaningful way. Where needed, Morag can tap into her network of lawyers, HR specialists and trainers to offer additional support. Kiltered is a resource for companies and leaders who are ready to do things differently.  Morag is also a director at Broadminded, a community for curious and ambitious women, running events to inspire, educate & support women across all industries.

With a career spanning 20+ years in the creative and tech industry, Mette Davis has co-founded start-ups, and held leadership positions for global networks, boutique creative agencies and a digital transformation consultancy.  Her former clients include British Airways, Mars and McLaren Automotive to name a few.  Mette set up her own business in 2016, partnering with businesses and individuals to help them navigate through change and unleash their full potential.  She works closely with companies to develop robust business strategies that stand the test of time, helping them activate their plans across multiple areas with a suite of practical tools and techniques, including workshop design and facilitation.  Mette has also previously delivered several hugely popular training workshops for Bristol Creative Industries.

Part 1 – Setting the Scene – The business case for D&I

Diversity & Inclusion is a topic that’s rarely out of the news.  But it’s also a topic that makes us feel uncomfortable,  unsure of how to approach it and where to start.  And once we have started, what we should be focusing on and prioritising in our strategic plans.

This first virtual session will help to set you on the right track with your diversity & inclusion efforts, make sense of what it means for businesses and the creative industries specifically, why it matters, and where to start.  We’ll share a balanced perspective on some of the latest research and benefits of writing a business case, and explore different approaches to D&I, including metrics you can use to drive your efforts, all with the goal of creating a more inclusive workplace that will lead to increased diversity, improved team motivation and better business performance.

Part 2 – Making Space for Inclusion – Where do I start?

Whilst many understand the importance of inclusive workspaces and have heard the stats that diversity and inclusion is good for business, a large number of businesses have no idea how to get from where they are now to where they ought to be.

There are many reasons not to change – you lack the expertise, it takes up too much time, you don’t have the money or perhaps you simply do not want to compromise the positive elements of the existing culture? This session will tackle all of these common concerns and equip you with the tools to embark on your inclusion journey with a positive mindset.

Over the course of the session, we will explore why change is hard and what we can do to embrace it to create a better workplace environment for everyone.

Part 3 – Embedding Inclusion into your Culture through your Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy

The 3rd session in the Kiltered Guide to Effective D&I focuses on embedding inclusion into your culture through your vision, mission, values and ultimately your strategy.

We’ll talk about inclusive leadership, what it means and why it’s important for companies who want to achieve genuine inclusion, starting with the definition of your vision, mission and values.  And once created, how it weaves into every element of your strategy and creates value for your business.

We’ll talk about different approaches companies take, with real life examples who have achieved varying levels of success through their efforts, including a deeper dive into the London 2012 Olympics and what we can learn from their approach to D&I.

We’ll also provide some practical guidance to help you on your way.

Part 4 – The Perception Gap – Using data and analytics to increase your chances of success

So you have examined your culture and examined your values but do you actually know how your employees feel about working in your organisation?

Are you surprised that anyone would ever want to leave?

The perception gap is the distance between how you want to come across and how you are ultimately perceived.

In this session, we will look at how data helps businesses close the gap and develop solutions that are responsive to the needs of their people.

Part 5 – Writing your plan and putting it into action

As part of the Kiltered Guide to Effective D&I series, this final virtual session focuses on putting your plan into action.  We’ll provide some practical steps you can take depending on where you are on your journey, as well as a couple of useful tools that will help you on your way to developing an inclusive culture that creates value for the business and motivates your team.

We’ll also help you understand what to expect, things to look out for, and how to approach some of the trickier situations that might arise.  We’ll also share examples to bring it all to life.

The Kiltered Guide to D&I is sold as a block of 5 workshops as the learning builds throughout the series.  Places are £225+VAT for BCI members and £295+VAT for non-members.


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