SXSW 2023: Diving into the Unknown



5th Apr 2023




Origin Workspace, 40 Berkeley Square Bristol, BS8 1HP

At TMW Unlimited, one of our core agency values is Stay Curious. That means we actively seek out the new and the unusual, finding inspiration everywhere in the world around us.

There’s no better place to uncover what might be about to shape change than SXSW, the world’s largest knowledge sharing festival. That’s why we’re sending our strategy team to Austin, Texas: to get to grips with the cutting edge in tech, social media, politics and anything that might be key to determining our future.

When they return, they’ll be sharing their findings, and analysing what that could mean for people, brands and society.

What exactly will that include? Well, it’s too soon to say. Last year, we heard about everything from the reality of NFTs and freedom of speech, to the rise of sex tech and whether eating insects might be key to a sustainable future.

Expect to hear the weird, the wonderful, the terrifying, and the optimistic – all wrapped into one event. Plus some drinks and nibbles too.

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