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22nd Jul 2024




Engine Shed, Station Approach, Redcliffe, BS1 6QH

Ellie Barker (Podcast host, author & ITV Journalist) will interview Zara Nanu live on stage in the format of her podcast.

Ellie has been a television journalist for 28 years and has worked for ITV West Country as a reporter & presenter for the last 18 years. Away from this she writes fiction books and has her own podcast called The Next Chapter.

Join us for a live version of that podcast!
You may be thinking about a career change, a new direction, a new hobby, maybe even just trying something you’ve always wanted to do.
Or you might just want to hear a conversation filled with inspiration, hope and fun which could brighten up your day.

Ellie will interview live on stage Zara Nanu MBE in the format of her podcast to show the different hurdles the guest has overcome with the aim of helping the audience with any of their own struggles. It’s normal to face struggles, and we’re not alone.

Dr. Zara Nanu MBE is the leader behind a few companies making the world of work fair: Gapsquare (currently Brightmine Pay Equity) and most recently WorkVue, a company with a vision to empower employees in an AI and automation-dominated job landscape. By democratizing pay data, enhancing skills transparency, and providing labor market intelligence, Zara wants to make sure people feel valued, informed, and fulfilled at work. Under her leadership, WorkVue shifts the skills narrative to employees, offering AI-powered insights to close pay gaps and align wages with skills. Through this, Zara prepares the workforce to make confident, independent career decisions in a rapidly evolving job market.

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