Outside Escapes: Wintering


22nd Jan 2024

22nd Jan


19th Feb

Campwell Farm, near Bath

A series of winter gatherings with author, founder and outdoor leader, Garry Pratt, at Campwell Farm near Bath

We all remember our childhoods outdoors; exploring in nature, hitting things with sticks, making dens, seemingly endless days outside with no screens to interfere with our imaginations.

Nowadays, competition for our attention is fierce and we have less time to decelerate, reflect, imagine our futures.  We’re driven by our to-do lists, rushing to pursue goals without questioning their value. We spend far too much time inside staring at a screen rather than outside in nature; the space in which we were in fact designed to think best.

Outside, our attention is restored. We have different conversations, create new connections, form new ideas. We sort out our thoughts and we begin to build our own, powerful, imagined futures.

The wintering sessions, dawn till dusk:

Session 1: Monday January 22nd
Session 2: Monday February 5th
Session 3: Monday February 19th

These sessions are organised by Garry Pratt, who is the author of “The Creativity Factor”, which emphasises the importance of creativity in business success and outlines how time spent outdoors can fully harness your creative potential. Garry and his business partner Al Kennedy run the very popular Walk & Talk sessions for BCI so be sure to look out for those upcoming dates too!

Click below to read more information and get in touch. Garry is very kindly offering a discount to BCI members so please mention this when contacting him!

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