Intellectual Property for North Somerset Creative Businesses


5th Jun 2024




Pure Offices, Portishead, BS20 7AN

Intellectual Property (IP) touches everything that makes life more enjoyable, easier, safer, and prosperous. Whether its life saving medicines, technology that connects us, or our favourite TV show and song, IP is everywhere and adds value to our life.

For creative businesses especially, IP is what you do. Whether it is the written/artistic/video content that you produce, your brand that draws in your customers or the looks and appearance of the products you create, you will have lots of valuable IP assets within your business that you may not be utilising to their full potential or may have associated risks that you have not mitigated.

The key to turning these assets into a competitive advantage for your business is identifying them, understanding their value and incorporating them into a clear IP strategy that is integrated with your business plan. Doing this at an early stage of your business will provide a strong base and allow you to operate your business with confidence.

This in-person interactive workshop will be led by Andrew Reith, Greater Manchester & WoE Policy Adviser for the Intellectual Property Office.

Designed for the creative industries of North Somerset, the session will help you to:
– Identify what Intellectual property assets you have and use.
– Consider their value to your business.
– Understand some of the risks and opportunities related to these assets.
– Understand what Intellectual Property Rights are and how they can protect your IP assets.
– Know where to go for more information and help.

The workshop is free to attend but places will be limited. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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