How to NOT get CANCELLED: Inclusive marketing basics


14th Mar 2022




Online via Zoom

Brands today are being held accountable for their marketing and being cancelled can have negative consequences.

In this session, Joyann will show you how to avoid using token diversity in your campaigns and teach you how to create authentic personas which truly reflect your audience.

Using real world examples from both questionable and good campaigns such as Pepsi’s 2017 promotion featuring Kendall Jenner and Gillette’s ‘First Shave’ ad (can you guess which is the questionable example?!), Joyann will demonstrate how you can be part of the movement for inclusive marketing.

Jam-packed with tips and tools to help you create inclusive and accessible content for your audience, this session is perfect for both content creators and marketing managers who are responsible for the overall strategy of their brand.

Tickets: £12.45

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We are working to establish inclusive marketing as the industry standard worldwide.

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