How great content can drive business results

BCI Workshop

18th May 2021





With the market more competitive than ever, agencies need a special edge to maintain business levels and achieve growth.

Smart and compelling content can give you that edge by demonstrating that you understand and can solve the challenges faced by your clients in this new era – and genuinely make a difference.

But too many agencies are limiting their potential by not understanding how to create great content. And worse, are pushing out quantity over quality, which damages reputation and jeapordises leads.

In this session, we’ll look at the role of different types of content in engaging prospects, clients and other audiences, the common mistakes made, how to stand apart and how to approach planning when it comes to channels, audiences, formats and delivery.

Join us on Tuesday 18 May 2021 at 11am when the team at Tonic Creative Business Partners will share perspectives on what makes great content and provide some practical know-how on what you need to think (or rethink) when it comes to your thought leadership, client stories and more.

Suitable for

This event is aimed at agency founders, senior leaders and those responsible for building agency value by winning new clients and developing existing client relationships.

This event is available to Bristol Creative Industries members only.

About Tonic

We’re the business consultancy to add clarity, colour and confidence to your ambition.

We add our collective knowledge and specialist expertise to help you realise your full potential and value.

This event will be run by the Tonic senior team, who will draw on their experience leading and guiding some of the best agencies through uncertain times.

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