How Data Feed Management Drives eCommerce Success


9th Jun 2021





The rapid growth of eCommerce over the past year has presented retailers and brands with a welcome opportunity for success online.

But as we move toward a post-pandemic world the risks also increase. Merchants need to remain visible to be profitable and to consolidate the gains of the last 12 months.

Those selling across multiple channels will know the importance of up-to-date product listings, including prices, descriptions, images, and availability.

The accuracy of those listings, however, is only as good as the data feed. These are the building blocks of onsite and offsite digital sales channels, but they’re often neglected, resulting in reduced product visibility and missed sales opportunities.

In this 60-minute webinar, we dive into the basics of feed management and explore the advanced optimisation tactics that will make your data feeds your key engine of eCommerce growth.

Joined by our partners at Intelligent Reach, you’ll learn about…


– The damaging impact of poor data feeds and its influence in Product Level Advertising
– What a high-quality data feed looks like and its impact on product performance
– The importance of speed, scale and accuracy in product data optimisation
– How to combine performance metrics and product data for optimal success


– Dos and Don’ts
– Can a word make a huge difference?
– How to understand your buyers and capitalise on trends/seasonality

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