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19th May 2023




Mr Wolfs, Bristol

Easy Stride Band – A deft fusion of pop, soul, world and reggae to create upbeat, feel-good music, combining live vocal and guitar loops with deep bass and head-nodding beats!

Easy Stride Band’s catchy and vibrant sound comes from the minds of Joe Fleming, Noah Burton and Benny Brooke. Joe uses a loop station to layer guitars and vocals in real-time to form complex soundscapes, backed by Noah on drums and electronics while Benny lays down the big bass, forming a unique blend of melody and groove that refuses to be pinned down. Immediately captivating, this uplifting trio scream positivity and celebration, a sentiment which is echoed through the band’s performance style; their enthusiasm for the music shines through in their live shows and has engrossed audiences across UK venues and explains their popularity at festivals.


Tickets are £4 in advance, or £5 on the door.

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