Can You Hear Me Now? A Keynote with Anne Thistleton

BCI Keynote

21st Oct 2021





Easy and practical lessons from Mind Science to make sure your audience really hears you.

Join us on Thursday 21st October for a lunchtime Keynote with marketing veteran Anne Thistleton.

About Anne Thistleton’s talk

We all know that our mind governs the way we see, understand and interact with the world. But until recently we didn’t know how we actually processed all of the incoming data to make sense of the world.  Instead, we learned to accept the fact that sometimes we made useful connections and sometimes not.

With the invention of brain scanners in the 1980s and their extensive use for that past several decades, experts have now gained insight into how our mind truly works, how we process information and how we make decisions.  Consequently, new marketing concepts from Neuroscience, Behavioural Economics, Neuromarketing, etc. are becoming plentiful. And books, articles, videos, talks, blogs, even neuromarketing consulting and research companies abound. But very few are explaining the basics in simple terms, and very few are clear on the implications for us.  What should I do tomorrow to apply this new knowledge to deliver better impact and results for my clients?


Tickets are priced at £30+VAT for BCI members and £45+VAT for non-members.  

About Anne Thistleton

Anne Thistleton is the Founding Partner of LIGHT Consulting and has spent over twenty years as a Marketing Practitioner in the field of Mind Science.  While leading strategy for The Coca-Cola Company in South Africa, she pioneered this work to first re-vitalise relationships (and the business) in the South Africa townships then to provide the foundation to the Open Happiness campaign.  Since then, she has worked across the world and across industries, developing specific marketing-focused Mind Science applications, and then testing and improving them with multi-national companies, advertising agencies, foundations, even political parties.

Over the years, Anne has worked with many of the world’s leading cognitive psychologists, neuroscientists and behavioural economists all focused on what does it mean to marketers and creatives, and how can we apply it now. By using her expansive marketing experience, she has been able to identify and make practical the most relevant and valuable aspects of Mind Science for consumer and B2B marketers.


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