Agency grow-getters – How to plan for scalable, profitable growth: a workshop with Jay Neale

BCI Workshop

6th Jun 2024




Origin Workspace, 40 Berkeley Square, Bristol, BS8 1HP

Most agencies are set up out of passion. The goal is simple: Do great work. Work with great people. Do it their way. Earn enough money. 

One minute it’s all fun and games, a lifestyle pretty rock ‘n’ roll. Now calendars are chock-a-block and the worry is about mortgages and payroll. They say as you multiply by three, things change and it gets tougher.

And we’ve seen lots of agencies ‘wing it’ when it comes to growth. Taking on more and more work, only to fall apart and lose clients. That’s why planning is VITAL. You need formal structures, processes, comms and management. Or you aren’t growing anywhere, let alone scalably or profitably.

In this agency workshop, you’ll learn the phases of agency growth, the five pillars that make a scalable agency, how to make a growth plan and kick it into action and what numbers you should be tracking to get set, grow.


  • Phases of agency growth
  • The five pillars of a scalable agency
  • Creating your growth plan
  • Moving from plan to action
  • The key numbers you should be tracking

This workshop will be particularly useful for senior managers in agencies (15-50 people) e.g. Client Service Directors, Finance Directors, Operations Directors, Production Directors.

We’re delighted to be delivering this workshop in collaboration with The Agency Works.

About Jay

Jay Neale is MD and Co-founder of The Agency Works, a fun and friendly team of agency ops, finance and training experts on a mission to help agencies elevate their performance with Synergist – the UK’s leading agency management system.

Having built the business from the ground up, with his partner in crime Steve, Jay gets it, the luxury of big dreams and the many sleepless nights. But as he’d tell you himself, when you don’t make it as a footballer, or a rockstar, well working with agencies is next, right?!​

Since 2004, The Agency Works have worked with over 500 agencies helping them set up their systems, processes and reporting to make their lives easier and business better.

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