eckhoMedia launch a bespoke OpenCart module

10th October 2019

As a Bristol based web design agency we have been working with OpenCart for many years and between the members of the team have a wealth of knowledge and experience using the ecommerce platform to its full potential. We were approached by a client to look into solutions to help recover lost sales through cart abandonment, after trialling some pre-built solutions we found they either didn’t quite fit our clients needs or only addressed part of the problem.

So our next step was to explore the design and development of our own module that not only solved the problem of cart abandonment but also achieved it in a clean and thorough way.


For an order to be classed as an abandoned cart the customer needs to have entered their personal details and selected a product, the customer at the final stages of checkout then decides not to proceed with the order for an unknown reason, quite commonly this is due to delivery costs and if the customer leaves your website this will generate an abandoned cart that our module can then work with.


The abandoned cart module helps to recover lost sales by incentivising the customer to return to the ecommerce website and recover their shopping cart, the incentive could be a fixed monetary discount or simply free shipping but gives the customer a reason to return.

An automated email is sent to the customer branded in the ecommerce website colours and logo and includes the cart contents from the most recent abandoned order, also included in the email is a unique coupon code which acts as that incentive. The customer can click a button and their shopping cart is restored to how they left it, by entering the coupon will give the customer a discount or free delivery.

All of the data is tracked, the initial abandoned cart through to if the order was restored and recovered so store owners can see data on the following:

  • Total Abandoned Carts
  • Total Recovered Carts
  • Total Revenue Lost
  • Total Revenue Generated
  • Countries where cart abandonment appears to be common


  • Increase conversion rate and reduce cart abandonment
  • Send coupon codes for cart restoration
  • Send email notifications to customers automatically
  • Schedule periodic email notifications
  • Clear and concise statistics
  • Location data
  • Free shipping available
  • Track conversions
  • Customiseable email templates
  • Full installation and support
  • Regular software updates


When doing some research into our other clients ecommerce websites we found that cart abandonment is very common and this is revenue that is simply lost, our module can help restore this lost revenue by bringing customers back to your website.

If you would like to find out more about how you can purchase this module for your website please get in contact with us so we can discuss the next steps and what is involved in joining one of the most important factors of running an ecommerce business.


About eckhoMedia Ltd

With many years of experience in the web design and web development industry, we are passionate about the websites that we create and work closely with our clients to take a practical, professional and friendly approach to web design and development.

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