Does Copywriting Get Better with Age?

26th April 2023

As a copywriter with over 20 years in the business, I got to thinking whether my writing has got better with age (of course it has!) and if so, how. Should companies looking to utilise a good copywriter for their business blogs or feature articles look at how many years’ experience their potential freelance support can bring to the table, or is it null and void?

I think it matters. That’s not to say that people just starting out also aren’t good at the job, but as with many industries (and wine and cheese) writing gets better with age. And here are a few reasons why.

Vocabulary tends to improve the older we get because we have met more people and read more books. Both of which are proven ways to extend your vocabulary.

Self-confidence also gets better with age, which helps in the work environment because you are secure enough to make suggestions, but also have the confidence to listen and take a brief, without feeling the need to prove how much you know.

Experience may be an obvious one to add to the list, but it’s important. The more customers you have worked with, the more situations you have been exposed to, and the more types of writing you have done, the more capable you will be handling incoming work. You may not have experience in a specific field, but perhaps you are well rehearsed in researching topics and knowing where to find the information you need, and how to transform these newfound facts into compelling copy.

Decision making is another trait that improves the older you get. In a study published by Psychological Science, it was found that the insight and life experience of adults led to the ability to make quick decisions. You may think this isn’t relevant for copywriting, but as any long serving copywriter will tell you, writing a piece of copy requires multiple decisions. What is the tone of the piece? Where can I find the best information for this article? How much detail should I include to make best use of this business blog?

Empathy might sound like another odd trait to include in a list about how copywriting improves with age, but employing a copywriter that can truly put themselves in your shoes to understand what you need from them, and more so, in the shoes of the prospects and clients you’re looking to reach with your copy, is invaluable.

Speed is something else a more experienced copywriter can bring to the table. Being able to write quickly, while still delivering on target content with very few if any mistakes, is a difficult skill to foster. It’s something that can only be developed over time as experience helps you produce copy quickly and effectively.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but from personal experience they offer a good overview as to why copywriting gets better with age. I remember when I started writing very basic press releases back in 2001, it would take me quite a long time to put pen to paper, and then I would be so nervous about getting it wrong, I would read and re-read the piece until I couldn’t see the letters on the page! Over time, I have learnt what works and what doesn’t when producing copy, I understand the importance of listening to what clients want and not assuming I know more about their business than they do. I have also learned how to hone the process of writing to ensure I deliver my best work, and I am more confident because of the experience I have obtained over the years.

So, if you’re looking for a copywriter for your business blogs or feature articles, and you want to be guided by someone with a bit more experience, let’s chat!

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