Corporate Social Responsibility – How to get it right…

12th November 2018

This is a Bristol Media People Forum event, with our special guest speakers Dan Foster of Triodos Bank, Nick Davies of and Sue Turner of Quartet Community Foundation. This session is kindly sponsored and hosted by Bristol Sport Foundation.

It increasingly matters to employees that their organisation does something good and socially responsible for the community and in what they offer customers. What’s more, a sense of purpose and values fit is particularly important to the millennial workforce.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can therefore be a strong enabler of employee engagement. So what is it, and how do you get it right?

About the session:

Our three speakers come from organisations where giving something back is at the core of their principles. Doing the right thing also contributes strongly to their employer brand and engages talent within their businesses.

This session will cover what good CSR looks like and offer tips on how to make it successful in your organisation.

You’ll leave the session with:

  • An understanding of what CSR is and how it contributes to employee engagement.
  • Insight into the values and priorities of millennial workers.
  • Examples of how well known employers have got it right.
  • Ideas on what to consider if you are planning a CSR policy – and what to avoid.

This seminar will build on Bristol Giving Day on the 10th of October. One day in the year when local businesses celebrate and showcase their charitable and volunteering efforts. But, as we’ll show in our seminar – it’s good to do this for more than just one day a year.

There will be an opportunity to have a guided tour of the Stadium after this event on 29th November at 12pm (optional).

About the speakers:

Sue Turner is the CEO of Quartet Community Foundation – the organisation that inspires philanthropy across the West of England to give everyone here a fair chance of a good life. Quartet gives over £3 million a year to support local charitable causes and Sue and her team created and delivered Bristol Giving Day to stimulate businesses and their staff to give to small local causes rather than always choosing a large, brand name charity of the year.

Dan Foster is Talent Acquisition Manager at Triodos Bank. Well known for their ethical stance, Triodos Bank believe banking can be a powerful force for good by lending exclusively to organisations who put people and the planet before profits.

Nick Davies launched in July 2014 to help forward-thinking companies find the right balance between value for shareholders and value for society. Neighbourly companies can work together to help communities address local needs – and together become a powerful force for good in the world.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Bristol Sport Foundation.

For further information:

Please contact Richard Roberts at en:Rich HR

[email protected]

Phone: 07941 201916

Entry Cost: £11.37 (includes breakfast)


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