Conscious Quitting

9th June 2023

Poor company values are driving employees to quit their jobs, according to new research, which reveals that Gen Z are leading the way.


‘Conscious Quitting’ is not just the latest phrase or buzzword, it links back to the core values and behaviours of employers. This will negatively affect the creative industries who fail to pay attention, especially when it comes to recruitment.


The 2023 Net Positive Employee Barometer explains:

  • In the US and UK, almost two thirds of employees say efforts by business to tackle environmental and societal challenges do not go far enough. Many believe the CEO and senior leaders don’t care.


  • Nearly half of employees say they would consider resigning if the company’s values don’t align with their own. Even in these difficult economic times.


  • A third of employees say they have already resigned for this reason.


The report describes how meaning and fulfilment are high on the agenda for employees and potential employees. While salaries and flexibility are — of course — factors, meeting the expectations of current and future employees when it comes to values can offer huge gains to employers.

Millions of people reflected during the pandemic about their lives, their work and their plans. And they emerged from that time of reflection with fresh priorities. Research such as this Net Positive Employee Barometer will help you, as an employer, to better understand your talent pool.  And those employers who can really grasp what motivates and inspires the talent pool in their sector will attract the best people to their business.

According to With Global Alliance (a partnership of top PR firms):

“As employees become increasingly conscious about where they work and how it aligns with their values, it’s important that companies set out clear DE&I policies, communicate their ESG efforts and offer mental, physical and financial health and wellness benefits.

“In today’s digital era, people – and journalists! – want honesty. So building an authentic voice and consistently delivering against your commitments will be the benchmarks employees hold up for their employers to meet.”

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