What qualities should an app design company have? For every client, the response is different. It takes dedication, time, and talent to turn your concept into reality. Take into account the following advice to locate the ideal match for your objectives:

A reputable mobile app development company should have an extensive and detailed portfolio that showcases their expertise. You can evaluate a company’s design objectives and execution by looking at its previous projects. You can tell if they are compatible with the goals of your project by carefully analysing their portfolio.

Effective Communication

For any reputable app design company, effective communication techniques are crucial. They should be able to offer insightful commentary and feedback while you should be able to communicate your needs and expectations effectively. A successful partnership requires a relaxed atmosphere and frank communication. Without good communication, the enterprise can face serious difficulties.

References from Clients

In addition to a portfolio, references from clients can shed light on an agency’s work ethics and prior experiences. Examine their former clientele and gauge how satisfied they were with them. This study will help us comprehend the agency’s dependability and expertise.

Relevant Skills

Identify the goals that you want your app to achieve. While some companies offer a more thorough strategy that encompasses the full development process, others offer aesthetics and visual design as their primary areas of expertise. Select a company that shares your requirements and vision.

Define your expectations and the needs of the project in a clear brief. Even if a firm has experience working with difficult design briefs, your project may have special requirements. Make sure the organisation has the resources, expertise, and knowledge to meet your unique requirements.

Think about the agency’s project management methodology. While some companies may use freelance designers or divide up jobs among their team, others may offer a more personalised service with a single point of contact. Select a company whose procedures fit your criteria.

While selecting the ideal app design company may seem difficult, it is essential for the success of your project. To find the perfect fit, do extensive study and thoroughly consider your options.

It is impossible to exaggerate the value of expert site design. Visitors to websites today make an impression about them in under a second, and 38% of them will quit if they don’t find the page visually appealing. If you try to build your website on your own, it can turn up poorly and fail to hold your audience’s transitory attention. For this reason, hiring a web design expert has become crucial for business owners. Let’s look at the benefits of employing a web design company as a top priority.

Construct a Professional and Customised Website

A professional web design firm can construct a website that is especially suited to your company and its particular needs because they have years of experience in the field. While there’s a chance that your marketing staff has some web development experience, it’s doubtful that they have the same level of experience and industry knowledge as a dedicated web design specialist. A well-designed website is an essential marketing tool that supports your sales and marketing objectives throughout time.

Improve Marketing and SEO

A web design company is knowledgeable about how to build a website that not only complies with design standards but also performs exceptionally well in SEO. Your website can gain more customers and outperform rivals on different search engines, including Google, by improving search engine rankings. A web design agency can help you achieve your goals if you want to create leads from several nations or target various languages. For foreign companies looking to compete on a global basis, this is especially important.

Improve Website Loading Speed

According to research, 47% of visitors will abandon a page that takes longer than two seconds to load. Customers increasingly expect rapid results in the fast-paced digital environment. A skilled site designer is essential in this situation. Even if your website has many features and high-resolution photos, they can make sure it stays lightweight and quick. Amateur or inexperienced developers lack the knowledge necessary to successfully optimise loading speed.

Numerous web design firms offer continuous monthly maintenance and assistance, sparing you the trouble of managing website downtime and the potential loss of clients or sales. These services also maintain your website current with the newest design fads and SEO guidelines that search engines like Google are always implementing.

In conclusion, consulting a web design expert is essential to the achievement of your website. They are equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to develop a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing website that supports your company’s goals. Contact us right away if you’re looking for a web design company in the UK. We are excited to make your ideas a reality and support the growth of your company in the digital sphere.


Bristol based Customer Journey Marketing agency Flourish continues to attract senior talent from established businesses as they grow their leadership team.

Watkins brings a wealth of experience to Flourish, as the award-winning independent agency continues to invest in the growth of the business. Having previously worked at customer experience agency Havas CX helia, Watkins was part of the agency’s flagship Lloyds Banking Group account. In his new role at Flourish, Watkins will be responsible for overseeing some of the agency’s largest client accounts. His expertise will be instrumental in delivering exceptional service and top-quality campaigns to help clients achieve their goals during a period of potentially tough market conditions.

Managing Director Ian Reeves said: “Dan’s depth of experience gives clients the confidence to approach their challenges differently. The result is effective technology-led solutions based on genuine insight and blended with traditional direct marketing techniques. His understanding of the commercial aspects of a client’s business together with his strategic approach is an exciting prospect and is a key part of Flourish’s continued growth.”

Watkins is a Marketing Client Services professional with 12+ years agency experience, working with globally recognised brands. In his own words, Dan said: “I love to motivate teams and have a proven track record in establishing, maintaining and growing key accounts, through a passion and commitment to deliver quality work and unquestionable value-for-money to my clients.”

The addition of Watkins to the Flourish leadership team follows a series of senior hires designed to bolster the expertise that the agency is able to provide. Watkins’ will further enhance Flourish’s customer journey capabilities working alongside the agency’s new dedicated CRO team.

Flourish’s recent appointments have included Nate Taylor as Commercial Director and leader of Flourish’s Dubai office, and Rob Manley as Technical Director – both coming from client-side backgrounds working within big brands such as Ministry of Sound, EMI, Clarks and Screwfix.

If you’d like to find out more about Flourish Customer Journey Marketing, or would like to meet the team please get in touch with [email protected].

Ocean Spray tasked us with creating a disruptive campaign that would boost brand relevance with a broader target audience. We wanted to stand out and try something different!

Our research showed that while the brand had high prompted awareness, it suffered from low purchase consideration. To change this, we decided to take a surprising and unexpected approach by creating a weird and wonderful attention-seeking campaign that breaks away from what people typically associate with Ocean Spray.

Our perspective was that we’re all a bit bored of social media beauty influencers pushing all kinds of products and routines on us.  We felt that Ocean Spray buyers would certainly relate to this.


Why bother with all that craziness when you can just drink Ocean Spray?  That’s the message we’re sending out in a completely different way.  We enlisted the skills of a brilliant actor to help create a series of influencer-style films that demonstrate to people that they don’t need all that nonsense to stay healthy. Just drink the juice!

We believe that the campaign connects with consumers on an emotional level by featuring a relatable character trying her best at being an influencer, tapping into the desire many people have to be a social media star.

To optimise our reach and engagement, we decided to push the creative on TikTok and Instagram where algorithms will help to amplify the campaign’s reach and make it more likely to be seen by a wider audience.

Overall, we think this campaign is a winner. It’s creative, interesting, and emotionally resonates with viewers. It’s not your normal ad, but that’s what makes it unique. So grab a glass of Ocean Spray and let’s get disruptive!

Actor: Marina Bye
Director: Ben Mallaby
Production: Dan Hirons
Creative: Jon Knight / Charlotte Davidge / Steve Allsopp
Account Management: Katie Cutts

‘User experience’ is a term you may be familiar with. It’s a term that’s frequently used in the context of web design, and for many good reasons. A user’s first impression of your company can make or break their perception after they visit your website. The navigation of the website is another crucial component of the user experience. Learn more about the significance of navigation in web design and what to look for in a web design firm that prioritises strong navigation by reading on.

What is Navigation in Web Design?

The term “navigation” describes how a user navigates a website. It has buttons, menus, and links that users may utilise to access the site’s various pages and functions. The navigation of a website functions essentially as a map for users.

Why is Good Navigation So Important?

As you will see in the reasons listed below, navigation should be given priority in web design.

1.     Improve the User Experience

The user experience is important when it comes to web design, as was already established. A professional web development company is aware that effective navigation enables people to quickly access the information they are looking for on a website. If a user can’t quickly and easily locate what they’re looking for on your website, they’ll probably leave and never come back. On the other hand, users are more likely to interact with the website and perhaps even make a purchase when they encounter smart, user-friendly navigation.

2.     Boost SEO

The practise of improving a website to appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) is known as search engine optimisation (SEO). It should always come first when selecting a UK web development company. Since search engines use it to crawl and index the site’s pages, effective navigation is essential for SEO. The navigation of a website might make it difficult for search engines to comprehend the site’s structure when it is disorganised or unclear. The ranking of the website may suffer as a result.

3.     Improve Accessibility

Accessibility should be taken into account while creating websites. When a website provides clear navigation, people with disabilities—like those who use screen readers to navigate the site—will find it easier to use. Always work with a web design company that is aware of how well-organised and labelled websites are simpler for screen readers to traverse.

4.     Reduce Bounce Rate

The amount of visitors to your website that leave without interacting with it is referred to as the “bounce rate.” A high bounce rate frequently indicates that users are having problems accessing the website. Users can locate what they’re looking for more easily when the navigation is improved, which also boosts engagement and lowers the bounce rate.

5.     Boost Conversions

The basic objective of a website is to turn visitors into paying clients. By making it simpler for visitors to carry out desired actions, such filling out a contact form or finishing the checkout process, effective navigation can play a significant role in this.

A successful website must have effective navigation since it affects a number of variables, including user experience, accessibility, and SEO. It’s crucial to pick a web design company that prioritises and sets a high value on effective navigation.

Why should I employ a web development company? Have you ever thought. Without an excellent website, your business simply cannot develop in the current digital era. It would be simple if all you required was a website, but what you actually need is a strong and effective online presence. However, many business owners are still ignorant of this fact today. Some people still give little thought to whether a website’s claims about its goals, its vision, and the services it provides are accurate.  Fortunately, you are not one of them, and you have come to this page looking for information and solutions. You are probably wondering why working with a skilled web development company is the best way to achieve the desired outcome, which is an excellent website.

We are available to you to discuss the advantages of working with a web design and development company like WeAgile when creating a new website or redesigning an existing one.

Let’s start by responding to some often asked queries.

What does a web development agency do?

A web development business with expertise may build a website from the ground up. Professional programmers and web designers at WeAgile have a wealth of experience creating digital goods (such as websites, applications, e-commerce sites, and software) for a variety of sectors. In order to find the best solution for you, web designers and web developers work together. They construct frameworks and databases, come up with innovative concepts, and decide on a language for both front-end and back-end development. The task of a web designer is to create the user interface or user experience. The team at WeAgile is skilled in many areas, including testing, deploying, and maintaining digital products.

Why shouldn’t I just choose a web developer or a web designer who is a freelancer?

First off, WeAgile has a team of web developers, web designers, SEO experts, project managers, testers, and more. Since a single freelancer simply cannot have all of this knowledge, you will undoubtedly receive a product that is subpar. Not because they are not professionals, but simply because it is difficult for one person to be an authority in so many different fields.

Second, the WeAgile team will be able to continue offering you assistance and upkeep long after the website has launched. Many people are unaware that even after the website is launched, it will need to be updated frequently for a variety of reasons. For example, if your website is built in WordPress, there are frequent updates to the platform and plugins; if you want your website to rank well on Google, Google regularly updates its algorithm; etc. You need to stay on top of all of this, and more often than not, a freelancer won’t be able to support you long-term due to other commitments.

Thirdly, clients will obtain the best level of service possible because a web development agency sets a great value on both its reputation and its long-term goals. Because you won’t be able to leave a Google review or a Trustpilot review for an independent freelancer, work is frequently completed a little sloppier and, most likely, no one will ever find out if your website is not functioning as intended.  It is not even an exaggeration to say that we work with the best freelancers in the world. They are each true experts in their respective fields, but when it comes to web design and development, it takes a team (designers, developers, project managers, SEO experts, testers) to produce a top-notch outcome.

Fourth, your website will be delivered quickly and efficiently, and it will be a well-rounded final product because many professionals will have had input in the end product, often coming up with innovative ideas that will greatly benefit your company’s digital presence. This assumes nothing completely unforeseeable happens (like a significant change in the scope of work). For instance, if a freelancer you are working with experiences a personal setback (such as illness or a vacation), your project will be completely abandoned.

Let’s add another “layer of safety” for choosing a web design agency over a freelancer if the list above hasn’t already persuaded you. An agency is always a legitimate firm with owners, directors, insurance, etc. They won’t suddenly vanish one day or stop returning calls while the project is still in process.

Can you build your website without the help of a web development agency?

Yes, there are platforms like Squarespace or Wix where you can try your best to build a straightforward and appealing website. No matter how much you know about designing and constructing websites, you will never be able to match the experience of a web development business.

Working with a web development company like WeAgile has a lot of benefits. Here is a succinct list of them:

We hope we answered some of your questions and removed any doubts you might have had about choosing a web design and development agency. But if you still have any questions, please do reach out and we will get back to you in no time.


From Amsterdam to London: Olivia’s Incredible Journey to Support Winston’s Wish

BrisTechTonic had the unique opportunity to sponsor the Walk for Winston’s Wish Black Tie Ball in March 2023, an event put on by family members to benefit the wonderful Winston’s Wish organisation.

10 years ago Olivia and Harvey lost their mum, and Russell his wife – Caroline.

For the past ten years in March, Olivia, Harvey, and Russell have planned a yearly walk in support of the organisation called Walk for Winston’s Wish. The family wanted to bring the neighbourhood together to recognise and celebrate Winston’s Wish while also wanting to collect some money for them. Winston’s Wish gave the family vital assistance after their loss.

Who are Winston’s Wish?

A UK-based organisation called Winston’s Wish helps kids who have lost a loved one or are going through a similar situation. The nonprofit organisation was established in 1992 to support grieving children, teenagers, and their families.

Winston’s Wish is aware of how traumatising and challenging it may be for kids to lose a loved one. To assist kids and their families in overcoming their sorrow and accepting their loss, they provide a variety of programmes and support.

Bereavement support is one of the main services provided by Winston’s Wish. The nonprofit organisation has a group of specialised practitioners that work with kids and teenagers to better understand and cope with their sorrow. Individual counselling, group therapy, and family support are a few examples of this.

Winston’s Wish also provides families with practical assistance, such as suggestions on how to talk to kids about death, details on legal and financial issues, and instructions on how to organise a funeral or memorial ceremony.

In addition to these services, Winston’s Wish also undertakes a number of projects and programmes to help encourage good mourning practises and increase awareness of the needs of grieving kids. These include research on the effects of loss on children and young people, community outreach initiatives, and training for professionals who work with children.

Winston’s Wish understands that every child’s experience with sorrow is different, and they cater their support to each child’s and family’s specific needs. The organisation has a kid-centred approach, which means they prioritise putting the needs and desires of the child at the centre of their assistance.

In general, Winston’s Wish is an essential resource for kids and families mourning a loved one. Through the charity’s services and support, families and children can find a way to get through the tough process of grieving and move on with their lives.

2023 – 10 Marathons in 10 days for the 10th Year

To commemorate their fundraising for Winston’s Wish’s tenth anniversary, Olivia, Harvey, and Russell hosted a Black Tie event. Attendees had a great time dancing, seeing entertainment, and raising money at the event, which was a major success.

Olivia and her companion undertook an amazing journey from Amsterdam to London while running 10 marathons in 10 days as a way to mark the event. Their efforts demonstrated that anything is possible with tenacity and endurance and helped generate awareness and money for Winston’s Wish. Some of what they did is visible on their Instagram feed.

The wonderful venue Moor Park Golf Club put on a visually stunning show for the evening, and BrisTechTonic was happy to sponsor the event.

Through Olivia’s efforts, this event raises nearly £15,000, bringing the campaign’s overall fundraising total to £45,000 over a ten-year period.

The Night

A memorable evening was had at the Black Tie Ball. Delicious canapés were provided throughout the evening, and a live band entertained guests with a mix of timeless songs and modern favourites.

Additionally, some of the event’s organisers and Winston’s Wish representatives gave speeches during which they discussed the impact of their organisation and the value of helping kids who are grieving.

However, it wasn’t all serious; there was also a lot of joy, laughter, and dancing. The occasion provided attendees with a chance to mingle, commemorate the fundraising efforts’ tenth anniversary, and express their support for Winston’s Wish.

The legacy Olivia left behind during her 10-day trip from Amsterdam to London was one of the evening’s highlights. Her extraordinary adventure promoted Winston’s Wish, raised money for it, and demonstrated that anything is possible if you work hard and persist. Her trek will live on in the form of inspiration and motivation for others to donate to this vital cause.

The celebration of community, generosity, and the importance of giving back was fantastic.

How can you help?

By using the following link, https://justgiving.com/fundraising/10in10for10walk  you can make a direct donation to Winston’s Wish and assist them in continuing their vital work.

At BrisTechTonic, we value giving back to the community and assisting worthwhile causes. We are honoured to have participated in this unique event and anticipate providing Winston’s Wish with further support in the future.


Originally posted on: www.carnsight.com


By now we all know that having a LinkedIn presence as a professional is important. With over 875 million users, LinkedIn can help you build connections with other business professionals and engage with your network by joining the conversation. For many business owners, it’s both necessary and important to open a personal LinkedIn profile and a business page. In today’s blog, I’ll be outlining the key differences between the two.


Whether or not you’re a business owner, a personal LinkedIn profile will allow you to showcase your skills and experience while still being able to highlight the things about you that make you an individual. This is a chance for you to join relevant LinkedIn groups where you can join the conversation, share your more personal views and grow your network by connecting with like-minded individuals in your industry. The purpose of a business page, on the other hand, is usually always to promote a company by building brand awareness, sharing valuable content that is helpful and engaging with a broader audience that includes potential customers/clients.


Personal LinkedIn profiles are typically filled with your career history, education, and other skills that you would like to showcase to other professionals on the platform. This can be handy when job hunting as recruiters can quickly and easily find you based on your skill set. On a personal profile, you are able to share content that is more personalised to you. Whether this is an opinion on trending articles, what you got up to over the weekend, personal hurdles that you’ve overcome, or other professions you might want to talk about that are or are not related to the company you work for.

Content on a business page has more of a focus. A business page should have more of a ‘we’ tone, and branding should be applied throughout. Business pages are a lot less personal. This doesn’t mean that you must keep things boring. Team shots always do well and people to relate better to other people than to a business. What is important, is to weave in posts that promote your services and/or products as well. At the end of the day, businesses aim to sell over socialise.


A key feature LinkedIn business pages offer that personal profiles do not are detailed analytics and insights into how your posts are performing. This collection of data can help measure how effective your posts and updates which means you can tailor your strategy to the wants of your audience. LinkedIn’s current algorithm interprets how far they spread your post based on the interaction (likes, comments, reposts) it’s receiving from other users on the platform, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on what your audience enjoys engaging with. With LinkedIn analytics, you can also learn what the best days and times to post are to get the most engagement from your followers, which again can help you improve your strategy.

And there you have it. I hope this blog has helped you learn the difference between managing a Linkedin personal profile and a LinkedIn business page.

Guest posting as a tactic within SEO has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the past few years with many using it as an exercise to get links and that’s about it. There are a lot of sites out there that offer paid for guest posts and this has contributed to the bad image of this particular tactic of digital PR.

Despite the image issues, we are still a massive fan of guest posts for clients and provided you are doing it in the right way it can help you get some coverage on some amazing websites and drive some great value links for your client.

In this week’s blog we chat about all things guest posting, and how to do it right to leverage good results for your digital PR campaigns.

What is guest posting? 

Guest posting is the act of writing content for another website, it can come in the form of a writer looking to promote their work or a company looking to add to their field through publications. Sites often indicate that they accept guest posts and these are often good places to reach out to if you are looking to get coverage for your website.

When it comes to SEO, guest posting gives you the chance to link back to your site in relevant content form an authoritative and relevant site, this is a good tactic to use early on when your content may not be getting as many links as you would like.

How do you do guest posting right? 

As discussed, this area of digital PR can be tricky to get right, but following the below dos and don’ts will keep you and your rankings on the right track.

Do focus on content first 

Content is the backbone of any website, and it’s what will ultimately attract and engage your audience. By focusing on creating quality content, you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche and those you are reaching out to will appreciate it, increasing the chances of you earning placements through guest posts.

Don’t pay for the links 

While it may seem like a quick and easy way to build links and improve your search engine rankings, paying for links is a violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines and can result in penalties, including being removed from search engine results altogether.

When reaching out to guest bloggers, be clear that you are after content only placement.

Do include links back to target pages where relevant 

Linking to your target pages can help improve your site’s rankings and drive traffic and SEO value to the pages that matter most. It’s important to ensure that the links you include are relevant to the content and provide value to the reader; this is the key part when it comes to guest posting. Don’t include links if they are not relevant for the reader of the blog.

Don’t focus exclusively on exact match anchor text 

Exact match anchor text refers to the use of the exact keyword phrase you want to rank for in the anchor text of a link. While it can be helpful in improving your rankings for that particular keyword phrase, overusing exact match anchor text can lead to a penalty from Google for over-optimisation, so make sure you are using logical anchor text that incorporates keywords, but not in a spammy way.

Do build long term relationships with bloggers 

Building long-term relationships with other bloggers in your niche can be incredibly valuable for growing your website. By establishing a relationship with other bloggers, you can collaborate on projects, exchange ideas and guest posts, if you are working in an agency you can also write content for different sites depending on the relevance, and having that pre-existing relationship in place will help massively.

Don’t just look at domain authority when assessing sites 

When it comes to assessing the value of a website for your backlink profile, it’s important not to rely solely on domain authority as a metric. While domain authority can provide a general idea of a website’s authority and influence, it’s not always an accurate measure of the website’s quality or relevance to your niche, look at other metrics like Trust and Citation Flow from Majestic and your judgement of the relevance of the website to your niche.

Where do you start? 

If you are unsure on where to start when it comes to guest blogging then get in touch with a member of the Varn team, Our SEO team have been combining digital PR tactics for years and driving great results for clients, just make sure you focus on content and you can’t go far wrong.