Bored? Watch this sandwich go mouldy

6th May 2020

Clickbait title aside, JonesMillbank, a Bristol-based video production company, are currently producing a timelapse of a sandwich going moudly over the course of 3-4 weeks.

This timelapse – to be run in reverse – is being created as a promotional asset for an online course on food waste to be run by EIT Food later in the year titled ‘From Waste to Value’.

With EU consumers being the target audience, the themes throughout the course are relatable, with a particular focus on the mass production and resulting waste of one of the world’s food staples: bread.

“As well as videos, animations and video diaries throughout the course, we wanted to bring the title of the course to life, so to speak. Plus we and the academics alike were genuinely interested to see what would happen to a sandwich if left for 3 weeks!” said Russell Jones, a Director at JonesMillbank.

“The resulting reverse timelapse video accompanied by voiceover will give us a bold image to use as a trailer to promote the course.”

“Given the current situation, we wanted everyone to be able to follow the sandwich’s journey, and so the photo timelapse is available to view live along with facts and stats about bread.”

“It’s a bit tongue in cheek – is this what lockdown has brought us to? – whilst actually being genuinely interesting, in a sort of morbid curiosity way.”

You can follow the life of the sandwich at which refreshes automatically with a new photo every 6 minutes.

You can also learn more about EIT Food, register for updates and find out when the course launches later in the year at


JonesMillbank are a passionate video production company.

They create award-winning videos, TV commercials, animations and photography, working exclusively in-house with a talented team of multidisciplined creatives, telling authentic stories long before it was cool.
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About JonesMillbank

We're a full-service video production company creating award-winning videos, TV commercials and animations. We work in-house with a talented team of multi-disciplined creatives, all the while telling authentic stories long before they were buzzwords.

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