A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager

11th June 2024

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Have you ever wondered how social media managers usually spend their time? 

I hadn’t really thought about it until recently while reading a blog from our awesome senior account manager, Leigh-Ann, about how she spends her time in the office. 

A little bit of content creation, audience engagement, emails, research, scheduling with Planable and more content creation. But it’s so much more than that.  

Being a social media manager is like being the conductor of a digital orchestra, where each platform represents a different instrument. The role is dynamic, fast-paced, and requires a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and analytical prowess. Here’s a sneak peak into a typical day in my life as a social media manager at Carnsight. 

Morning: Coffee and Planning  

My day in the office technically starts at 8:30 am, but first things first, before I go in the office, I take my partner in crime, “Double G,” aka “The Greatest Gatsby,” for a walk. This means I always arrive early at the office.










However, my day only really starts when I have my first strong cup of coffee. While sipping on the coffee, I quickly scan emails and notifications. I respond to any emails in my inbox and write a to-do list for the day. I make sure to figure out what I need to prioritise each day and start those tasks immediately. Usually, the first task is to review the content calendar, ensuring that all posts scheduled for the day align with the overall strategy. This is also usually the time to catch up on any changes in the social media landscape, such as algorithm changes or trending topics. 

Mid-Morning: Content Planning, Creation and More Coffee   

Once I have a clear understanding of what’s working, I transition into the creative part of my job. I aim to be highly productive in the mornings and focus on tackling all the creative tasks by midday. This includes crafting posts, selecting or creating visual content, and writing compelling captions. I primarily use Canva for most of the content creation for our various clients. The goal is to create content that is visually appealing and resonates with our client’s target audience. This can involve creating a series of Facebook posts, designing graphics for Facebook and LinkedIn, or making a quick reel for Instagram. While being creative, chocolate and coffee are a must. 


I usually take my lunch break at 12:30 pm at Carnsight. During my break, I like to walk through the fields of Marshfield with my dog, while listening to a podcast or some Taylor Swift tunes. After the walk, I grab a panini and some much-needed chocolate from the Country Store in Marshfield. If you haven’t been there yet, you are missing out 

Afternoon: Campaigns & Collabs 

In the afternoon, I typically focus on managing ongoing campaigns and brainstorming with the team for upcoming blog posts and content ideas. I use Planable to schedule more posts, draft blog articles, and update clients’ websites.  

I also closely monitor our paid social media campaigns, making adjustments to ad spend, targeting parameters, and creative elements based on real-time performance data. As the day comes to a close, I ensure that the content for the next day is scheduled and that all emails are answered before I head home at 4:30 pm. 

Being a social media manager involves a blend of creativity, strategy, and continuous learning. It requires staying ahead of trends, understanding audience behaviour, and creating content that not only engages but also drives business goals. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities, making it an exciting and rewarding career. 

If you’re uncertain about investing in a social media manager? Check out our blog on this topic.  


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