5 Ways to Promote a New Podcast in 2020

27th December 2019

When a company or agency looks to grow their client base, they often start blogging. While it’s true that with the right content marketing strategy, you can generate leads from Google, it also happens to be extremely competitive.

There are 600 million blogs on the World Wide Web and 700k podcasts. This imbalance in numbers highlights an opportunity for growth. Podcast hosting services like Podbean and Buzzsprout, mean it’s easy to get started. From there, all you need is a clear strategy in place to promote your content. Here are five tips, which should help you do just that.

Start With an Interesting Topic

The underlying formula for a successful podcast is to start with an interesting premise for your episode. Without a clear hook and a reason for your audience to engage with your content, there is very little reason why a listener will tune in to your episodes.

Coming up with solid content ideas for each episode is important, as it’s far easier to retain listeners to your podcast, and get word of mouth referrals than it is to acquire new listeners in the first place. With this obvious tip out of the way, we can focus on some methods for promoting your podcast.

Build Your Launch List

The hardest part of any product launch is having a list of people in place to hit up when your offer goes live. Launching a new podcast is no exception.

There are a couple of different ways to grow an email list for the launch of your podcast. If you’re already running a website, a squeeze page to generate new leads is an obvious starting point. Other options include using PPC to send traffic to your page. The best platform for this kind of PPC campaign would undoubtedly be FB.

Publish 3-5 Episodes On Launch Day

People like to binge on content. You only need to look at the success of Netflix to realise the truth of this. It’s something Pat Flynn was quick to realise when he launched his podcast.

“I actually received negative reviews from people who had listened to the first episode and were upset that there was only one.”

Having several episodes that people can listen to will help cement the interest of listeners. This will increase the likelihood of listeners coming back to listen to future episodes.

Publicise Through Multiple Channels

To maximise your reach, leverage the content you created for your podcast through multiple marketing channels. On your social media, do things like:

  • Promote an upcoming episode 24 hours before launch
  • Share your content 2-3 times on the day of launch across each social channel
  • Use Instagram stories to promote behind the scenes content related to an episode

You should also create a file of social assets for your guests. Create things like:

  • Visual quotes for Twitter, Fb, etc.
  • Pre-written social media content

Finally, consider how you can use the episode on different mediums. For example, by transcribing an episode and calling it “interview with GUEST NAME,” there’s a chance that your content will rank on Google. This is useful if you’re interviewing a famous person. You can also turn your podcast into a video and upload it to Youtube, which will result in the same benefits.

Collaborate with Peers

As a podcaster, you are part of an extensive community. This community contains people who have audiences that are far larger than yours, alongside podcasters with a similar-sized audience to you.

By collaborating and building relationships with people in this community, you can organically grow your audience. Keep in mind as you network, that a large part of your success will depend on the value you bring. Don’t just ask for things and offer nothing in return.

Networking should be an important and natural part of your podcast marketing strategy.

Wrapping Up

Launching a podcast is a proven way to engage and grow an audience for your business or agency. Like most things in life, growing a broad and engaged audience will take time and a lot of hard work. Hopefully, by following some of the tips laid out in this article, you’ll be in a good position to launch your podcast with a bang in 2020.


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