3 Things to Master Before Marketing Yourself

1st July 2021

Marketing yourself starts with mastering yourself.  Many self employed professionals get stuck in self doubt and lack of clarity.  In the end, this lack of self awareness keeps them from reaching their potential in their business.  In this video, I will cover the 3 areas you need to master to strengthen your uniqueness and positioning.  By focusing on these areas, you will increase the confidence you have in yourself and in your business.  You will overcome your imposter syndrome, and have a clearer core message about who you are and what impact you make.  You will attract the types of clients that appreciate your value, and as a result, you will have more fun growing your business. So let’s get started.

The first area to master is your outcome.  What are you building and why is that important to you?  Have you ever lost motivation to get things done?  You know what to do, and even how to do it… but somehow, you just don’t have the drive?  This is a great indication of not having a clear vision and purpose.  Many people I speak to have a very cliche reason why they do what they do.  “I want to be successful… I want to have more income… I want to help people.”  Great, what does that  look like?  How clear is that vision? How much passion and emotion do you feel towards it?  Why is all this important to you?  If you’re struggling to find the answer, or if you don’t feel emotionally connected with your answer, then perhaps you need to work on mastering your outcome.  This part is so important for at least 2 reasons. First of all, when times get tough, your connection to your WHY will keep you going.  Without this, you will procrastinate and find many excuses to delay progress.  Secondly, if you have a clear vision and purpose, it will be easier for people to know what you stand for.  It will be easier for people to resonate with you.  You will exert a type of energy that attracts the right clients to you.  People are inspired by and drawn to people who are excited, passionate, and on a mission.  Do you have that energy?

The second area to master is your belief system.  What beliefs influence your feelings and actions?  Your existing beliefs are usually shaped by past experiences, and they affect you subconsciously.  Mastering your belief systems start by bringing them up to the conscious level.  Whether or not they are empowering you, it’s important to be aware of what they are, where they might have come from, and whether or not they are useful to get you where you want to be.  Beliefs are never good or bad; they’re just either useful or not useful.  And if you’ve done the work of clarifying your outcome, you will have an easier time to select the useful ones that will get you there. The beliefs to master are usually those about yourself, your business, your likelihood for success, your clients, and how the world works.  So basically, everything!

The third area involves finding your essence and your natural strengths. Comparing yourself to other people will just make you feel inadequate.  Find your genius by understanding your WHY and your Ikigai.  Finding your WHY will help you find your essence; this is what you stand for and how you’re designed to contribute.  It’s a process that takes you back to realise how your past has shaped your purpose and passion.  Your essence is not an aspiration or dream.  It is who you already are.  Your Ikigai helps you understand your reason for being.  The crossover between what you love, who you love to serve, what they need & willing to pay for, and what you are good at will give you a very clear idea of your uniqueness and may even open up new opportunities that you have never thought of.

Behind every business is a human being, and most human beings actualise themselves through some sort of career or business.  A business works when the human behind it is functioning well: body, mind and spirit. So it’s no surprise that an essential step to building a high-performing business is creating a high-performing human being; someone who understands what they want to achieve, and how to use their best self to achieve it.

So I invite you to start the process of enhancing your self mastery. Which of the three areas do you need to sharpen?  Your outcome? Your belief systems?  Your genius?  Working on this during the last few months of year may help you create an amazing year ahead!

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About The Brave Zone / Cynthia Wihardja

I combine psychology and proven business acumen to help self-employed professionals attract their ideal clients.

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