3 SEO Tips to Help You Dominate Google

13th January 2020

Any website owner understands that SEO is important. However, SEO is a nebulous term. What you want is a clear roadmap with actionable tips you can implement to improve your search visibility and rank high on Google.

The good news is, SEO is there are things you can do that can instantly improve your search engine rankings, and other hacks that would incrementally bring more traffic to your site. In this article, I will share with you three tips to help you dominate Google for your chosen keywords.

1: Improve Page Titles, & Meta Descriptions

One of the easiest things you can do to boost the amount of traffic to your site is to improve your meta title and meta descriptions for your content. This is, after all, what people see when they find your site in Google search results.

First, check your Google Search Console. Review the keywords that your content is ranking for. You then want to create a title that includes your keywords in the most natural way possible. So if you were running a ventilation and cooling service, you could choose something like, “HVAC services in Bristol | NAME OF COMPANY.”

You may try and create a more enticing title. For example, here are some examples of titles below:

  • HVAC services in Bristol | Open 24/7—NAME OF COMPANY
  • HVAC services in Bristol | Low Prices–NAME OF COMPANY
  • HVAC company in Bristol | Friendly Technicians| NAME OF COMPANY

The meta description should include the target keyword or keywords, and generate enough interest to make a person want to click on the link. Here’s an example of a good meta description for our example:

HVAC service company Bristol. Get 24/7 services from our friendly technicians. Our team of experts will help you fix your problem. Get in touch with us today!

By updating your meta title and meta description, and monitoring your results, you can get more traffic to your site.

2:  Optimise Your Content

The next thing you can do is to optimise each page of your site. There are different elements of the content you can optimise:

  • Headings in the article
  • Topic – paragraphs
  • Keywords density

A large portion of on-page SEO optimisation involves making sure you are using the right keywords in the correct place. SEO experts call the TF*IDF. This term relates to how Google parses and then analyses your keywords to determine what topics it should rank.

As Google reviews your content, it will consider things like the structure of your article, what points are covered, and the keyword density. A shortcut for discovering what works is reviewing the ranking content for your keyword.

Create something as good as, or better than the existing content. By covering the same points as the competitors and including the same keywords, you improve the chance of your content ranking. This will help you get more traffic to your site.

3: Build High-Quality Backlinks

Years ago, Google used a system called PageRank to figure out what content should rank. To oversimplify things, the way PageRank worked was that a link from a relevant authority website to your content was worth a certain amount of points. The more points you get, the better the ranking.

Quality backlinks remain an important ranking factor. To get your content to rank, you need to identify relevant backlinks and find a way to get them. This involves writing guest posts for authority websites. This article touches on guest posting and content marketing in general.

It’s important to cite your website correctly. Use relevant anchor text and make sure your anchor text distribution isn’t unnatural. Here’s a good article on how to cite a website.

Finishing Up

In this article, I shared three SEO tips to help you dominate Google in 2020. I discussed how to improve your metadata and the importance of reviewing and improving your on-page content. Finally, I explained why getting backlinks to your content is so important for SEO.

By following the tips outlined in this post, you can increase the number of visitors who come to your site. The rest is up to you. Although you can’t expect changes overnight, with a little bit of consistency on your part and time, there’s no reason you improve your search rankings.


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