Say Goodbye to the Summer Work Slump

22nd August 2019

Fed up of the ‘summer work slump’. Feeling like you need to find ways to motivate yourself and your team through the final weeks of the season? Here’s five tips from Rob Hingston, Head of Origin to get you out of the funk, get you as productive as possible and to get ahead of yourself before a busy September beckons!

1) Get Your House in Order 

Does the office need a big clean up, is the online filing system in need reorganisation, do you need to onboard a new project management tool, when was the last time you did a competitor analysis? The summer is the time to do these pesky projects that you won’t get to once the work pace picks up.

2) Leverage your LinkedIn 

Yes, it’s the season for holidays but if people are at their desks then they may be experiencing a quieter workload than normal. Now is the time to hit up and secure a meeting with that prospect you’ve been coveting, take your clients or valuable contacts out to lunch or to research potential partners and suppliers.

3) Focus on Flexibility 

For working parents, the summer child care juggle can be a real struggle. Allow your employees to set their own schedules and focus on them getting the job done rather than presenteeism. Trust your team to make ‘work’ work for them and build goodwill at the same time.

4) Set Summer Goals 

Set goals for you and the team that adds something to everyone’s ‘to do’ list and helps the business move forward – investing in learning a new skill, watch online tutorials, mentor a junior team member, read that business book or attend a training course.

5) Take Time Off 

Do you always finish the year feeling like you needed more breaks? Do your team end up with holiday days owed to them? Encourage everyone to take time off, recharge and reenergise to help refuel productivity on return.

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