Werhi Dumuje Graduate

Member Bio

A designer fresh out of university with UX/UI design skills. My speciality is user research. By using diverse research skills, my objectives are to build better experiences, simplify complex data to enhance experiences, bring solutions to problems, and most importantly, use sustainability as the core of my design process.


Working on diverse briefs has granted me experience in the following sectors: creating objects that are accessible for all manner of users, collective research and group brainstorming to shape out ideas, directing and creating workshops to involve stakeholders in the design process and creating prototypes for mobile and website.


I am passionate about sustainability and innovation, I want my designs to be part of something bigger. Whenever I do a project I look into my process to make sure that I take into consideration what can be done to make a project ethical. As someone who just graduated, I am full of ideas and eager to contribute as a designer. I am curious and always ready to learn new things, challenge existing methods and most importantly passionate about people.