Touchpoint Design Agency Member

Amplify your brand. Move forward with clarity, insight and creativity. Co-create a brilliant brand founded on deep understanding and sharp thinking. Helping organisations that strive build brands that will thrive.

Member Bio

At Touchpoint Design, we show the world what makes you different.

Like a fingerprint, your vision and goals are unique.

Determining your specific purpose – the thing that makes you remarkable – is how the Touchpoint Design team begins every creative collaboration.

Taking the time to understand your business allows us to draw out insights that spark creative ideas, bringing you the organisation-shaping, real-world results you’re striving for.

Combining knowledge and skill with a focus on achieving measurable results, Touchpoint Design’s creative team works as an extension of your organisation.

Key People

Sue Bush

Independent Brand identity design consultant and Creative director at Touchpoint Design. Helping founders and purpose-driven employees find clarity, articulate what they’ve built, and express where they want to go through a co-created brand strategy & distinct brand identity.